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'All That Glitters Is Not Gold ' By Joseph Mohr 'A Pay What You Want Adventure' Adapted For The Hostile Rpg As a One Shot - Session Report

 "While in port the travelers are approached by a respectable looking woman who offers a substantial sum for the arrest, or dead body, of a wanted criminal known to be living on the desert planet of Udenmo. In addition to the large sum of money there are large bounties on his head from local authorities."


"The place that this criminal is hiding in is a fortress. But the sums of money at play are significant. What coould go wrong?

Joseph Mohr does some great adventures but 'All That Glitters Is Not Gold ' is a 'pay what you want adventure' & it's one that I got a chance to play in as a tin badge lawman in Paul Elliot's Hostile because we were all playing bounty dogs in tonight's game. Bare in mind that I haven't actually read through 'All That Glitters'. 

The Sonoran Investigation Agency's agent Valentina Abe  approached us about a bounty for the infamous genocidal killer Ali Kask. DM Steve was DMing tonight's jount's onto  the desert planet of Udenmo. The desert planet of Udenmo has been terraformed by some huge atmosphere plants. We didn't know much about the Sonoran Investigation Agency but because we were a group of mercenary lawmen. 

We demanded half of our 'reward' upfront which Valentina Abe was quite evasive about. And this rang alarm bells in two of our other player's heads. Ali Kask's castle is heavily guardly & we rolled up on it through several urban areas on Udenmo. And we equipped some of our supplies with the locals. We asked about Ali Kask with some of the colonists. There was nothing but praise. We decided to get into the local watering hole. And we saw trophies, awards, etc. from the natives to Ali Kask?! 
Paul decided to actually call 
Ali Kask's organization & arrange a meeting to offer our services to the warlord. And were surprised at the reception. Ali Kask not only invited us to his castle but offered us accommodations at his castle?! We rolled up on said castle & were met by guards with weapons lowered & Ali Kask met us himself. 
He took us in & began explaining the kind of problems his colonists were up against and how rival gangs want to take him out. He devested us of the school, missionary, hostipal, and infrastructure issue problems that Ali Kask faced. And how at every turn corporations operating through gangs were trying to murder him at every turn. 
We looked over every inch of Ali Kask's fortress and found nothing that even suggested genocidal weapons. And then the players got pissed! We then decided to turn on the t
he Sonoran Investigation Agency. And we got a list of possible locations for the gang or is it a syndicate that was posing as the  Sonoran Investigation Agency. And then it was raiding time after we gave Ali Kask our free cooperation as long as he paid for fuel, ammo, and a small stipend for our time. 

And then we went on a bit of a raid taking out the Sonoran Investigation Agency's assets on Udenmo. We played through this for two night's and it was glorious. As a one shot 'All That Glitters' By Joseph Mohr is a lot of fun. Easy to run, quick to turn around, and a breezy little adventure. 

'All That Glitters Is Not Gold ' By Joseph Mohr 'A Pay What You Want Adventure' Is Available Right Here 

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