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Staritstan 8 A Colony World of The Áylgibrá, the Orion Mutuality - Pirate Haven! & Slave Girls!

Staritstan 8 A Colony World  of The Áylgibrá, the Orion Mutuality is a destination for space tourists looking for a walk on the wild side. Both an ally & sometime foe of the Human Empire. Staritstan 8 is a world carved out by the  Áylgibrá, the Orion Mutuality & terraformed millions of years ago. Staritstan 8 is a world of contrasts. 
 Staritstan 8 is the source for many illicit PSI drugs, exotic alien slaves, and a thriving tourist industry. But it is also home to a thriving cybernetic military & some of the most dangerous bounty hunters in all of instellar space. It is also home to many ruling clans & dangerous trade houses of the Áylgibrá many sporting their own military interstellar fleets. 

Áylgibrán palace dating back to the founding of the colony of   
Staritstan 8
One of the most holy sites of  the  Áylgibráns saints. His psychic abilities still echo throughout eternity here. 
The fortresses of this world are still built in the old Earth tradition! One can see the detail  of the construction & strength of these walls

A pirate lord in traditional garb. Note the plasma  blade  & wavium pistols in his robes 

Another former palace now in ruins built along the original planetary ruins. It is said that these ruins extend far underground criss crossing the planet in strange maze like dungeons. 
The incredible blue oceans of  Staristan 8 are famous throughout the galaxy for their waters 
A pleasure ship belonging to one of the numerous pirate clans that makes its home  along the coast. Note the galley slaves! A very unpleasant fate for those who displease the leaders of the clan 
A strange planar astrolabe of  the pirates of  the Áylgibráns. It supposedly shows the astral winds that they navigate by! 
Many foreign mercenaries  come here for employment  & the opportunity to test their mettle  in pirate raids 
The planet has a long history interlaced with a very violent past ! Seen here are one such battle that is an exact copy of a famous Old Earth event proving  Hodgkin's Law is right. 

Female Áylgibráns are legendary across known space for their beauty and allure. Their mutant pheromones make them nearly irresistible to human males. 

Like many weird & wooly worlds of the Human Space Empire there is none more sinful then Staritstan 8 with its 14 million year old history of vice, sin, & slavery.
This safe  harbor are considered a safe place or refuge for pirates where an inability or lack of desire by the regional government of the  Áylgibrá to enforce spacetime laws created favorable conditions for pirates and piracy. These havens are often located near major space shipping lanes and provided a safe port for pirates to repair their vessels, resupply, recruit, spend their plunder, avoid capture, and/or lie in wait for merchant ships to pass by. Although some of these havens are simply secluded or hidden system coves where pirates could stay out of sight and out of the reach of the authorities, some of these havens were established, sponsored, and protected by the Áylgibrá governments who employ privateers to disrupt over space trade of rival space nations.
 This colony world was established on the ruins of an existing alien colony world. Some of these ruins still stand.    The Áylgibrán government is comprised of localized semi-anarchic democratic councils known as Jámülaylgibrá. There is essentially no interstellar government in the Mutuality. Its military; however, is largely robotic, very advanced, and often tested by Hlutrgú raiders. 
History -  Because of the ruins of Staristan 8 & the state of its ruins. Several physics texts were still available here  & seen as part of the local mathematical religion. The Áylgibrá science cast has made great strides in advancing several hyper drive systems that rival or surpass many of the most advanced super science discoveries that The Human Space Empire has. 
Slavery-While The Corsairs Of Vimuhla naturally looted the cargo of ships they captured, their primary goal was to capture prisoners in space & on colony and turn them into slaves. Once captured, the slaves were often sold or put to work in various ways in the northern colonies. 
It is estimated that over 4 billion slaves have been captured & sold on the frontier world of Staritstan 8. The slave markets are busy throughout the Staritstan 8 year. The slaves have their own separate smaller communities within the cities of the planet. The life of a slave from the human space empire is hard & death can come at any time. The families of those taken often have to pay a ransom for the return of the family member. 
Star Ships of Staritstan 8 
These ships are hand created on this pirate world here master craftsmen create each ship as if its a work of art. Price is no object because if your asking then you can't afford it! 
The Mar'juri -The Desert Hawk! 
  • Displacement: 120 tons
  • Contragravitic drive:  Mini-Three-Light 4 warp jumps before needing refueling & reset 
  • Interfogulator: Mk3 
  • Computer: Positronic Brain Mark 2 
  • Ansible: Mk 3 
  • Armaments: 1  Z-ray turret,2 rocket launchers (Sub-atomic)
  • Officers: Pilot & Navigator 
  • Screens: Neil Ray Mark II 
  • Cost 2.4 million credits each. (10,000 credits for local pirate warlords.The other price reflects the price that outsiders pay! Players can haggle at the black market bazaars) 
Theses handcrafted fighters are lightning fast raider ships launched from a mother ship & sent to pack a punch & disable a much larger craft then themselves. Their reactors run at very high temperatures & much of the technology that goes into these fighters is some what obsolete & alien at best. Many times these fighters don't come back from the scouting missions their sent on. Still many spacers view these vessels with a sense of romance & adventure.

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