Saturday, November 5, 2022

If It Ain't Nailed Down Steal It! - Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise & Wretched Space Rpg Campaign Session Report

So once again Venger backed his purple van up to my backdoor & things got wrecked this weekend! Litterally! Back a couple of weeks one of the players mentioned that he'd cut a deal for a used space craft with his share of the treasure. It was an off handed remark?! Right?! Wrong! This week the PC's gang pressed their shaman into using his 'scroll of teleportation' into getting the PC's back to the Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport & the Fruities (humanoid fruit) that they had cut a deal for a used  space craft. Blaster fire errupted after the Fruities wanted to go back on the deal. They were getting ready to take off from Cha'alt. The PC's loaded everything the Fruities had stolen onto the ship & then proceeded to go into Starport itself. And this is where they got into deep trouble. 

The Gamma Turquoise: Santa Fe Starport area of Cha'alt is run by some pretty heavy mutants & aliens as a part of criminal gangs of the area. They didn't take too kindly to random blaster fire being thrown around their end of Cha'alt. And things went from bad to worse when the PC's decided to piss off the local necromancer whose a servant of The God With Many Faces. 

The PC's had to fight their way back to their starship & then get the Hell outta of there! They were later lured into a trap at a local brothel by said black wizard using a Cha'alt siren. She ate one of the PC's as payment from the wizard. She wants to sleep with Sir Gala' hard (Zedi Knight) another party member. The party wants to pay off the wizard in drugs but he wants to put the party into the local Fury Road games! He'll gonna mint it off their backsides! So I dragged my copy of Venger's Death Race Fury Road.  And the party isn't happy at all. 

Meanwhile, the player's PC's have stashed the spacecraft & are taking bets on themselves while paying an assassin to take out the other death racers. They paid off the Fruities families in fertilizer. Again don't ask. Things got really complicated when the cult of the Karens got wind of the PC's working the death race. They have a rather large score to settle for defective enchanted sex toys the PC's sold them. Again don't ask. Next week we're going down Fury Road! 

The PC's also found out about some of the local ruins that contain the fabled  Candy Crypts but they think that this might be a set up by the Fruity families to get some pay back. All of the PC's want to do is get off of Cha'alt (they don't but that what they keep saying) & yet they want to buy more drugs, do more crimes, and get to the local alien & mutant brothels?! 

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