Friday, November 11, 2022

Through the Gates of the Silver Pylons - - The New Marvel Phile 'The Shadowline Saga' & The Tallman- Session Report Two

 This session report is going to pick straight up right from here on the blog here.  And in tonight's game the player's came face to face with the Tallman & his sentinel sphere's took out two of the PC's! 

"Terrifying - Relentless - Unstoppable"
In New Ashford the Tallman didn't wait at all in 1939. He showed up at one of the PC's house for his psychic sister & with his dwarves & sentinal spheres! The spheres took out two of our heroes in tonight's game. He was going to take the PC's sister but the heroes teleported into the house before the dwarves could take Nancy a mutant psychic with a talent for prophecy. The PC's blasted the sentinel spheres apart & then got their collective behinds handed to them when  the Tallman telekinetically held them in stasis for a few key moments. He with drew from the scene without Nancy instead taking the corpses of the PC's to replace his spheres! 
He then withdrew but not before filling the house with hordes of his dwarves behind him! 
The players weren't happy at all when their dead characters were taken! 

The rest of the evening was spent battling the little bastard dwarves with gusto! And they were able to make it outta of the house when the rest of the party came in like the calvery! The players were pissed! Not only had they saved Nancy but their dead PC's are going to be turned into undead dwarves & sentinel spheres! 
They met their magic user Laveria The Blind Seer at the Shadow tribe's compound & then headed back to the funeral home! 
The new Shadows included Bill Whyman 'the Cemetary Man', Alexis Cummings (werewolf/shadow), Silvia 'the Bloodwoman' basis for the legends of the Banshee, Captain Ghost ( The transparent marvel), The Warrior's Folly (undead soldier superhero), Dyrk Wolf ( Animalistic Shadowthing who hates the Tallman), Dollbouy ( the shrinking marvel/shadow), Dark Paladin ( shadow prince from England which just awoke in 1939. He on the Tallman's tract!), & Vald Shodowmonger ( vampire like shadow hero). 
The heroes managed to get into a locked room back at the funeral home only to be confronted by several rows of the teleportation gates surrounded by 10 rows of black barrels filled with undead dwarves. Dwarves that are ready to be shipped back to the red world's plane! 
The player's PC's decided to take one or two of the gates into who knows where!? The first one they took had a time jump into Germany's past into the Berlin olympics 1936 stadium! The PC's were confronted by the Tallman & a german SS officier! The Tallman didn't get a chance to see them before they faded back through the gate! 
Then the next gate the party headed through brought them far into the future where giant sentinel spheres were wrecking havoc on a future Earth! Again they didn't stay but faded back through the gate! 
Finally they teleported through the gate into an unknown World War II battle ground where the Tallman's demon troopers & gravers were gathering the fallen! This insensed the PC's and they went into action! Blasting, teleporting, & attacking the Tallman's forces forcing the big guy himself to appear! He wanted to know why they were attacking his forces?!  
The PC's didn't stop & he summoned two golden spheres! The PC's had more of a problem with these! They teleported through the gates only to come face to face with their own Earth's Tallman! They blasted him & attacked him without a quarter given! They managed to destroy him for this week! 
But they know he'll be back soon! So their regrouping back at their hidden lair! 
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