Thursday, November 17, 2022

OSR Reviews & Commentary On Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu By Joseph Bloch For Adventures Dark & Deep rpg

 So what makes Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu different!? All day we've been talking about this? Swords of Cthulhu has a very different take on the Cthulhu mythos then the classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dieties & Demigods by Kuntz & Ward. First of all are the mythos races the Deep Ones & the Degenerate. These plug directly into the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition system easily. 

The feel of Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu is one of absolutely fitting in with the rest of my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons collection. New classes included  are the Cultist and the Scholar. The cultists are very dangerous depending upon what cult of the Old Ones they belong to! So this is going to effect where & when the cults might show up! The Scholar could be anyone from the patron who collects forbidden occult tomes to obsessive searchers after forbidden lore. There's potential here for PC's or powerful NPC patrons for adventurers. The feel of Joseph Bloch's writing is both a love for the lore & his movement into realms of the Mythos for Adventures Dark & Deep as a whole system. The Cultist (cleric subclass) and Scholar which is a magic-user “split” class seems almost to lend themselves better to NPC then PC's. With that being said I could conceivably see veteran Advanced Dungeons & Dragons players being able to play either class. The Lovecraftian spells are very evocative & downright creepy within Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu. 
The mythos monsters section feels down right dangerous as a player reading through. As a DM there are some really cool innovations about these versions of the Mythos usual suspects. The ability to combined & scale back the Mythos monsters makes using Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu both different & something for the players to dread. 

The one thing that sticks out right away is the insanity rules & these are well done. The insanity rules with Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu compliments others that we've seen within the Adventures Dark & Deep rpg products. These rules really fit the Lovecraftian horror idea verging quite nicely into the world of madness. The section on the gods is incredibly well done and dovetails nicely into the rest of what Joseph Bloch has done with Adventures Dark & Deep rpg systems. 
But how does one use Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu?! To built a very nicely thought out OSR Lovecraftian campaign. My one nagging problem is the same issue that I've had with other Adventures Dark & Deep rpg products & that's the lack of an OGL. Sorry but this is a major concern for me as a writer/designer with Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu book or for that matter the other Adventures Dark & Deep rpg products. 
Does this make Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu as a supplement impossible to use?! Certainly not! Adventures Dark & Deep Swords of Cthulhu is a great addition to the Adventures Dark & Deep rpg product lines! 

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