Saturday, November 19, 2022

It an't over till Orcus Sings -- Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise & Wretched Space Rpg Campaign Session Report

This is going to pick right up where were left off last week for our Cha'alt/ Wretched Space 2nd edition campaign. Tonight the player's PC's were racing along Fury Road after taking bets against themselves through a third party mutant hireling.

  I dragged my copy of Venger's Death Race Fury Road.  And the party isn't happy at all. And so the party decided to talk smack to another racer whose pit crew were a group of white suited nuns. This was a big mistake because said racer was actually a cleric of Orcus with a lesser version of a skull crested wand of the undead demon lord. 
The party was then bodily thrown out by a pack of zombies made up of the last adventurers who'd trifled with Brad The Anti Cleric of Orcus. Brad is a nasilly voiced cleric whose daddy paid for him to go to the finest necromanic colleges in the big city. Big Daddy also happens to be the head of the cult of Orcus on Cha'alt. He's competing to bring greater glory & attention to Orcus in his very expensive purple floater called the Purple Cyclops. 

And there's the small matter of one of the PC's having a secondary head on his back after pissing off the black wizard/necromancer whose got money invested in the party. Rul' The Undying has given the party one of his fastest warmachines. And he wants the party to humililate Brad The Anti Cleric by beating him on Fury road. Wizard may or may not return the party's space craft to them if they win. Notice I said may. If they win they'll go and spend their winnings on drugs, prostitutes, & booze. Let's also not metion the fact that the rest of the party has been working on their own warmachine non stop to get chance to win the race. 

And then there's the little matter of the drug agents that are after the party for selling an illegal interstellar drug to groups of fruities who were actually weapons runners. The party hates & I do mean hates Brad The Anti Cleric for turning them in with the empire of Humanity. There is after all a bounty on the party. And the party is still looking for a loop hole to get them out of the 4000 parking tickets that the party wracked up searching for college aged replacements or stand ins for themselves. Just incase the displinces of pain come looking for them again! 

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