Saturday, November 19, 2022

OSR Review & Commentary On 'Into The Great Sunken Library ' - 'A Pay What You Want Title' Adventure Location By Lordmatteus For the Cha'alt Rpg


Tonight's 2nd Wretched Space Rpg /Cha'alt crossover campaign is in full swing tonight & some supplemental material came into our collective purview. And this is 'Into The Great Sunken Library ' By Lordmatteus with a great intro by the author; "Rather than dumping hard-earned coin for a cryptic answer provided by some old, addle-coved coot of a sage, your players can go to the Great Sunken Library. By offering a meager tidbit of information to the Librarian, your players can wander the library searching for the answer to their question or questions. What’s the catch? Well, if the players get lost, or piss off the Librarian’s sexy librarian servitors, they could end up wandering through countless realities for eternity. "

This is a supplement for Cha'alt and Crimson Dragon Slayer written by Venger Satanis and Kort'thalis Publishing."

Into the Great Sunken Library is by Lordmatteus clocks in at about twenty seven pages of old school Cha'alt rpg goodness. And it covers one of the key places in Cha'alt with factions, adventure locations, hooks, and more. This makes the the Sunken Library one of the key adventure locations on Cha'alt. But is Into the Great Sunken Library  actually any good as a 'pay what you want' title?! In a word yes! This adventure location is rife with possibilities especially for this adventure location if the DM is using Wretched Space 2nd edition. Why do I say that?! Because of the fact that Lordmatteus   taken the time to flesh out many of the adventure location actually make sense or as much sense that Cha'alt does in the gonzo style that Venger has set down. 

Into the Great Sunken Library takes the mostly unknown adventure location into the realm of actual usable adventure location with the potential to really pull players interest into a point of mostly the unknown. There are factions, things that can kill the PC's, and more within the Great Sunken Library. All in all the writing is solid, random tables,  the layout is well done, and the factions well fleshed out. Since this is a pay what you want title there's lots of possibilities here. 

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