Monday, November 28, 2022

Six Low Level Cosmic Ritual Spells For Your Old School Campaigns From The Pages of The Ritual Mundix

 Ritual magick can be cast by anyone with the right tools and ritual space. These spells have been inscribed within the Ritual Mundix one of the corner stone books of cosmic magick. The Ritual Mundix was first transcribed from several wandering star vistors over 10,000 years ago to the shores of our reality. These are the first stepping stones for star clerics & instellar magi who are just starting out on their journey into the mists of magick itself. 

Here then are six low level cosmic rituals ripped from the pages of   the Ritual Mundix itself.  The Ritual Mundix itself has been added to by many generations of  star clerics & instellar magi. Care should be taken by those whose minds have not been strengthed by the mind excercises taught too lower tier   star clerics & instellar magi by their masters. 
Anyone gazing into the cosmic blackness & gulfs  blackness of the pages of The Ritual Mundix without the proper percautions such as a mental home anchor point in this reality. May lose 1d4 points of wisdom or intelligence. 

Skyn of Survival  - Spell Ritual Level:1 level star cleric/ 2nd level interstellar magi 

Casting time: 1 hour/30 minutes after practice for 1d6 months 

Range: self 

Duration: until dismissed 

Description: The caster cloaks himself in the reality of his local space time, atmosphere, and zone of dimensionality. This spell is one of the first that the caster learns from the pages of the Ritual Mundix. It allows one to survive on alien planets & within the vaccum of space by using self regenerating other dimensional elements outside of normal space time mimicing the caster's own. It can only be dismissed by the caster. 

Gaze Deeply Between The Stars & Elsewhere - Spell Ritual Level: 1st level star cleric & interstellar magi 

Casting time: 1d6 hours 

Range: Self 

Duration:1d30 minutes 

The caster reaches back into their primitive brains deeply along the ashaktic chain into other realms of past lives until they reach the cosmic foundation of all reality. The caster can now look into any point within the known or unknown universe allowing him or her know local conditions, star systems, primary star conditions, etc. This spell is the basis for all star gazing & travel within  The Ritual Mundix. This spell can be done three times a day when the cosmic winds are right. 

Consume Thy Own Reality - Spell Ritual Level: 1st level star clerics & interstellar magi 

Casting time: 2 hours 

Range: Self 

Duration: Until dismissed 

The caster casts this ritual allowing the need the need for food nor drink to hinder him or her until the spell is dismissed. The caster's body feeds itself on the winds cosmic allowing the caster to forgo food & drink until the ritual is dismissed. But the caster will feel 1d6 phantom pains if exposed to water & food stuffs. These can be overcome with a Wisdom or Intelligence roll or a save vs spells. 

Hyperspace Link - Spell Ritual Level: 1st Level Star Cleric or 1st Level Interstellar magi 

Casting Time: 3 hours 

Range: Self 

Duration:  Instantious 

The caster creates a doorway through subspace with the sheer might of the alien thoughts that invade his mind from Outside. These thoughts are the key & the gate allowing one to instantly traverse the distance between their home planet & one other location. The caster must know the points in reality that they are journeying too & from using two Intelligence or Wisdom rolls. When the last word is dripped from the caster's lips ultra reality enfolds the caster taking him or her to their destination. Preperations must be made before the ritual is cast or their will be consquences upon arrival. This ritual can be cast twice a day. 

As Above So Below  - Spell Ritual Level: 1st Level Star Cleric or 1st Level Interstellar magi 

Casting Time: 2 hours 

Range: Self 

Duration: Instantous/Until Dismissed 

This ritual spell allows the caster to seal himself against any mental or physical forces from Outside if he or she is in normal space or subspace. Entities  which would take avantage of an unprotected vessel journeying across interstellar space such as the caster's body are shielded against with this ritual spell. This ritual spell will last until dismissed or the journey ends. 

Perfectly Preserved  - Spell Ritual Level: 1st Level Star Cleric or 1st Level Interstellar magi 

Casting Time: 1 hours 

Range: Self 

Duration: Instantous/Until Dismissed 

The caster is able to take the cloths on his back & as many items as he can carry with him. These are preserved against the forces cosmic while on his or her interstellar journey. Can be cast seven times a day. 

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