Thursday, November 3, 2022

What Falls Through The Cracks - Using Alien Breeds & Other Zozer Games Resources To Update Your Hostile Rpg Campaign

What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.   [Werner Herzog]

 "ALIEN BREEDS is a roleplaying supplement for the Cepheus Engine and other classic 2D6 SF roleplaying games.  It details a new species of hostile alien predator with both an unnerving and horrific lifecycle as well as an ability to mutate ad hoc to suit its current environment. ALIEN BREEDS works well within Zozer Games’  own SF setting called HOSTILE, but it can be used in any Cepheus Engine game – as long as your players can handle this beast… and there is certainly no guarantee of that!

"Included with the book is a typical colony installation. It is a fairly small example, big enough to hold may be 50 or 60 people, enough for an extended science survey, a prospecting mission or the maintenance of some new equipment on planet – perhaps a powerplant, refinery, test mine or atmosphere processor."

"The colony layout is used in the included adventure – ‘Outbreak’.  "

 Last night it was time to trot out Hostile rpg's Alien Breed for designing xenomorph or alien monsters for your Hostile rpg. The reason isn't actually the monster but that is a part of it. But instead the adventure  'Outbreak' which has a typical colonial outpost. Now personally I haven't done as much running of Outbreak as other Hostile rpg adventures. As introduction 'Outbreak' certain shares the tone of the Hostile rpg universe's adventures. The universe has far bigger things within it's depths then one expects. And 'Outbreak' explores Hostile's themes of exploration, danger, and the unexpected. 

So I'm going to be setting up 'Outbreak' in  The "Autonomous Region" setting of Outworld which is the free Cold War Travellersque style free campaign setting by Paul Elliot. The "Autonomous Region" setting is actually the interstellar boarder within by own Hostile campaign for the United States & Russia. The Russians are having problems of their own with an alien species & the United States corporations have limited intelligence on this. Why?! 

What I'm actually doing is updating both Kosmos 68 & Outworld over to our own Hostile rpg campaign. There are several things that are different from normal Hostile, the biggest thing is psionics are a phenomeon within our own various Cepheus Engine games. And while psionics sorta gives an advantage to the PC's in a universe like Hostile's it's actually of mininium use. The "Autonomous Region" setting of Outworld is supposedly the most humanistically settled region of space. And yet there's been an 'Outbreak'. 
The events of Orbital 2100 were only one hundred & twenty five years ago. Which means that missions & such are ancient history. Space isn't civilized & won't be despite mankind's machinations. 

Orbital 2100's missions are the history for our own Hostile campaign moving forward! This approach has worked numerous times. This is similar to how explorers continue to run across 1900's Antartic exploritory missions of the past. And this includes Outpost Mars which is literally brimming with alien ruins of the past. 

Outpost Mars is going to be causing quite the problem for both the Americans, and the Russians within our games coming up. And it point of fact was one of the first Zozer Games product I bought. 

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