Wednesday, November 16, 2022

OSR Commentary On Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Monsters of Mayhem #1 By Mark Taormino For Your Old School Sword & Sorcery Campaigns

Today I spoke with three of our four fellow DM's at a local coffee shop & spoke about Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Monsters of Mayhem #1 By Mark Taormino today. 

" This supplement contains 48 new monsters and 4 new maps (Arena, Forest, Cave, Dungeon) which you can include in your games for quick extra bonus encounters! The monsters included range from one hit dice to fourteen plus!"

This is an excellent resource for game masters who would like to expand their creature selections with the awesome and powerful beasties within its pages. Inside you will find many fun OGL monsters for most any level campaign you may play!'

So let's pick it up from the other day on the blog  Let's look into Mark Taomino's Monsters of Mayhem#1 from Dark Wizard games. And while there's 48 monsters within the pages of Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Monsters of Mayhem #1 it's the quality not quintity here that counts in monsters & some of these are extremely dangerous. 
Within our Hyperborea campaign there are nearby worldlets that were a part of Hyperborean & Atlantean worldlet colony worlds this includes the worldlet of Los Farport. Los Farpot is from Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Villians of the Undercity.

 The city of Los Farport in our original in our Hyperborea campaign was the site of an ancient Hyperborea colony. A colony that came to not a good end when the Green Death swooped over head after the events of  Ragnarok. There's the corpse of an elemental flame god circling the world providing warmth & a semi temperate climate. The Hyperboreas are still on Los Farport though in the form of deadly undead. Casket creeps, death guard, the malformed Kajadi, and even the deadly shadow fiends are all that remains of the Hyperboreans on our version of Los Farport. The dungeons, ruins, etc. of this world are filled with the monsters & living remains of this one great empire. So we're just pulling out the monsters from Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Monsters of Mayhem #1 to fill in some of the campaign  gap. 

 Mark Taormino did a fantastic job with all of the monsters in Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Monsters of Mayhem #1 By Mark Taormino. The book is something that been in my archives for years now & it's gonna get a work out coming up! The monsters are pure OSR and work very well with the Hyperborea rpg or even Castles & Crusades rpg as well. 

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