Thursday, November 10, 2022

Review & OSR Commentary On The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro from The Red Room

 "Planet Earth has gone through a monumental change. The bombs fell, but we survived. However, be warned: Living in a radiated wasteland is no picnic. This world will be forever cursed..."

The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro isn't Mutant Future or Gamma World. The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg  is full on full on Mad Max or 'Mad Max in space' depending upon your Wretched campaign. The full Wretched Apocalypse is two hundred and twenty pages of post apocalyptic goodness. 

The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg is gritty, dangerous, and really nasty straight out of the gate. You are going to be playing a PA outlaw using the usual Wretched PC rpg system & the classes include the following; "Assassin, Common Citizen, Cyborg, Investigator, Man of Action, Proselytizer, Pilot/ Driver, Psionic, Rogue, and Scholar." And these are further customized with the usual Wretched rpg system add ons & take aways. Wretched Apocalypse Rpg has solid rules on starvation, hunger, cannibalism, disease, scavenging and mutations. We get faction & community rules for everything from shanty towns to full on  tyrannical regimes.
Wretched Apocalyse is geared far more for 
 conventional post-apocalyptic sandboxing & full on wasteland campaigns. And this is where the game shines because of the fact that it takes full advantage to go into full Fallout video games mode or into the grittier or dare I say dangerous Mad Max mode. 

And these modes are also a part of the  Wretched Apocalypse Rpg  where PC's can & do change the way the campaign difficulty play mode can be set! The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg is perfect for a wasteland Western or interstellar adventure location especially for the Wretched Country rpg 

This makes Wretched Apocalypse Rpg perfect as a mash up for a band of Western post apocalyptic outlaws in the grand Giallo style to come storming into an OSR campaign. And this is one of the reasons why Wretched Apocalypse  is such a great game.  But wait there's more as the game centers itself with tons & tons of random generators! Generators that can be used to carry through a wasteland campaign to its conclusion or it's beginning! The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg is completely cross compatible with any of the other Wretched rpg's! And these rpg systems completely & easily plug into the rest of the Wretched rpg systems completely! But is the Wretched Apocalypse Rpg By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro worth getting!?! In a word oh yes it is! Not only does the  Wretched Apocalypse Rpg  have the right cinematic feel but it plugs into all of the right Eighties & Nineties VHS tape post apocalytic buttons but there's a great little rpg here! 

The Wretched Apocalypse Rpg By Joe Coombs, & Miguel Ribeiro from The Red Room Will Be Available Right Here Tomorrow! 

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