Friday, November 25, 2022

OSR Campaign Commentary - The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride By Levi Combs For Your Gonzo Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg Campaign

 "Tales of the cursed pyramid and the sleeping tomb of the Mummy Bride have long been a traveler’s tale, passed along by wayward explorers and greedy plunderers alike. Deep within the verdant jungles of the south, amidst a Green Hell of impenetrable jungle, savage cannibals and ancient myth, lies the shattered remnants of a once-powerful civilization and the terrible gods who ruled over them. Rumors swirl of untold riches and un-plundered magic for those brave (or foolish!) enough to claim it. Will your players survive… and what will be left of them?"

"The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride is an old school, grindhouse-style combination of classic role playing adventure and devilishly-designed dungeons for levels 5-7, cram-packed with b-movie goodness to challenge even the most seasoned of adventurers.  It’s a module that could only have been made in the primitive jungles of man… where life is cheap!" 

The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride By Levi Combs is a fifth edition adventure but the author has deep  OSR leanings. And since I two of my Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Rpg players coming home from Europe we're going to pick up our home campaign. The players are throwing the fact my way that they want to go more gonzo. And given the fact that  The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride By Levi Combs has the right combination of Saturday night cable horror flick mixed with classic D&D trope. It's not hard to see why it would be an easy conversion over to Nightshift. 

The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride By Levi Combs strikes a very cool little vibe that could easily be thrown into the mix for an alternative 1960's or 1970's  Earth South America. And that's what we're going to plug this into the Night Shift RPG: Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Sourcebook! 

Why Nightshift?! Why not?! There's plenty of solid PC classes that we want to check out in our upcoming game. Our players have experience with Nightshift & a couple of months ago we were supposed to run through UK1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. That got put on hold because of work schedules & two of our players flying home to the U.K. & Tomb of the Mummy's Bride is almost but not quite a mini campaign unto itself. 
So we wanted to get back into the swing of an urban fantasy/post apocalyptic game campaign that's been on going for 2 years now. I've written about it on this blog other times. And will be again soon. 

We've got two vampires in the party & the party itself is very mercenary in it's approach to the game. There's got to be a money factor in order to get the party motivated. The modern monster take on the The Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride may actually be the gateway for certain player's PC's to take the steps into monsterhood. 
But what the Hell is going on in this Earth's South America?! The ancient rulers of the various empires of the jungle have never let go of South America clutching onto it with deadly undead claws. They been expanding the jungle century after century while cementing their rulership over the entire nations of the ancient land. After the mushroom clouds blew across the world after 1950's & 60's Atomic War. They tighten their undeath grip on the countries South of the border. Treasures from the jungle filter through from this legendary land. 

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