Monday, November 14, 2022

Man From Atlantis NPC Meet Up - The New Marvel Phile 'The Shadowline Saga' & The Tallman- Campaign Update

 So around 1939 as the war is heating up a special half human envoy was sent by the Atlantians to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) pre World War II. This individual is code named Mike Harris & instrumental in several key World War II battles. Mark Harris involvement with the Navy goes much further back then that including to the bombing of Innsmouth Mass. This blog entry is using the MA series of supplements & The Golden Age of Heroes which is available when you join the Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project here. 

seaside town in Essex County, Massachusetts run by the Esoteric Order of Dagon and their Deep One allies until their destruction in 1928. Mike Harris was operating in the waters around the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station which  was founded in Newport, Rhode Island on Goat Island, the site of Fort Wolcott which was built in 1702 and served as an Army fort from 1794 to 1835. Mike Harris often was used a stand in for Namor The Submariner on World War II missions. It was actually Mike Harris's rivalry with Meranno that lead to his crippling amenisia during the late Sixties into the Seventies. The circumstances have not however been  revealed. Mike Harris was key in foiling at least three key Nazi missions during World War II. 

Mike Harris is used by the Navy as a tactical asset throughout the War in various theaters and is thought lost in the Nineteen Sixties. He is a valuable NPC and will be featured in an upcoming game of ours where  Meranno features. 
Special thanks to Jack O' Latern's blog for featuring  the Seventies  cultclassic 'Man from Atlantis' television series write up here.  Now part of my own 'head canon' is that Mike Harris is from an offshoot  Atlantis/ Mu colony along the Atlantic seaboard whose been involved with the Navy since around Pre World War I. This goes back to the TV episode 'The Hawk of Mu' which aired in October 18th of 1977. Mike Harris is their representive to the surface world. He later suffers very dire injury going the way of the Sub Mariner post World War II. 

Mike Harris is an NPC & Navy agent during the pre World War II days and there's a meeting in the PC's future!  
Since the Man From Atlantis became increasingly kid fodder back in the Seventies & isn't that well known among players today. As a DM I decided to bring it back a bit with a bit of a World War II spin. Dr. Shubert has been using post World War II special project science since the late Sixties. Is Mike Harris a 'shadow'?! Nope he's an operative whose suffering from PTSD & goes back to the one place he's known as a refuge during the Seventies. This picks up events during the 'Man From Atlantis' TV show's episode 'Man From Atlantis' mini movie episode from March 1977. 

You can find the right up on Jack O' Latern's blog  featuring  the Seventies  cultclassic 'Man from Atlantis' television series write up here. 

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