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Inmovable Object Meets Irresisable Force - The New Marvel Phile 'The Shadowline Saga' & The Tallman- Session Report Two

 “- Mike: I want to stop him."

"- Reggie: The Tall Man? That story about me blowing up my own house because it was infested with midgets. Mike, that wasn't real. Your doctor said that it was your own paranoid delusions caused by your brother's death.”
Phantasm II 
We pick up with our 'heroes' limping their way back to their secret lair after saving two people from the machinations of the Tall Man & his minions. 

This blog entry's action  literally picks right up from here. 
So tonignt's Marvel Super Heroes game finds our heroes deep in their secret lair beneath New Ashford's clock tower & them re equipping. Then mysteriously two silver pylons began to appear within their lair. A sound like tearing glass signaled the arrival of the Tallman & a literal horde of his undead dwarves! 
But the heroes turned the tables on the Tallman by diving for the silver pylons & jumping through time & space. They landed in a literal warzone in 1941 where a confrontation between the Tall Man & the Spectre along with Dr. Fate had the heroes having an 'Oh Crap' moment. The heroes rolled to see if they recognized The Tall Man's foes & were successful. 
The sound of leather boots on the rubble behind the heroes signalled that they were not alone. And the Nazi occultist Werner Bon Vernger a shadow himself took the heroes aback. 'You should not be here my friends', Werner incase your wondering isn't anyone's friend least of all the players. Werner is member of the inner circle of the Thule society & part of 
Johann Shmidt,'s peusdo Hydra organization. 
The PC's attracted the attention of the half helmed Dr. Fate. And things got messy as he wasn't impressed with the heroes. 'You are needed elsewhere' was the telepathic response from Fate & the PC's were thrown back through the pylon gateway again. Finding themselves back in their lair they began the clean up of the undead dwarves! The innocents whom they saved in last week's game were smuggled out by human agents before the action began. 

More Fun Comics May 1940

Then emerging from the plyon gateway came a white almost ghostly figure with sawed off shotgun & pistol blasting! This figure cleaned up almost half of the undead dwarves with swift & sudden violence. The air & reality around the almost cowboy like figure shimmered with strange supernatural forces! Janis Dubrois aka The Spectral Rider had come to get his revenge on the Tallman's forces from out of the Old West! 
The Tallman's minions did not get a chance to regroup as the Spectral Rider cut a swath through the horde! He was there to enlist the PC's add in recovering an artifact that the Nazi occultist meant to gain in May of 1940! Before the pylons disappeared the party joined The Spectral Rider just outside of the Almo in Texas. Waiting for the party is Mazar the Mystic last son of the Scions of Limbo & he informed the party that a single bullet belonging to the Saint of Killers was housed in the nearby Almo museum. The Nazi's intended to use the strange bullet to summon the Saint of Killers as their own personal hitman against the Spectre & Dr.Fate or even the Tallman himself. And that's when the whine of the first of the Sentinel spheres came whizzing around the corner. The Tallman wouldn't be denied his vengence against the PC's! 
Mazar the Mystic last son of the Scions of Limbo almost got killed by one of the spheres. A nearby security guard got it instead. The PC's saved the other security guard. And then as a group took out the two spheres. Having seen the Phantasm  movies they weren't that happy about spheres flying around their heads! 

Mazar teleported the party into the museum & then they came face to face with Nazi agents! And that's where we ended in tonight's game. 
The whole coming up arch on the Saint of Killer's is thanks to the Jack O' Lantern's write up on the Saint of Killers from the Preacher comics here! 

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