Monday, August 31, 2020

Shadows of the Serpentmen Part II - Serpents & Zombies - Tomb of the Serpent Kings By Skerples Session one Report

Back on August 16th things were a bit rough for me, so I went on bit of a buying spree. That buying spree ended up with with several different small miniatures orders these included several minor box sets of miniatures including Snake-men Box Set, Crew - Ghost Archipelago (x20 figs). You can read more about these figures on Wargames Illustrated site here. 

Tonight the crew of players & DM Steve's PC's  got ran Tomb of the Serpent  Kings - Deluxe Print Edition by Skerples.  

 Tomb of the Serpent Kings - Deluxe Print Edition by Skerples is a perfect beginning level dungeon & lesson in OSR adventuring that can be used to set up a serpent men legacy right at the beginning of a campaign. Tomb of the Serpent Kings has several twisting & turning tunnels that connects to ACK's Dwimmermount. This version of the megadungeon links up with my Godbound/Cha'alt efforts from back in Feburary. 

This campaign links back on itself with few a Adventurer,Conqueror, King rpg  adventures  especially  AX6: Sepulcher of the Sorceress-Queen (SoSQ). But waiting for Drivethrurpg to play catch up in a post covid world just isn't cutting it so I've had to take matters into my own hands especially with DM Steve lurking around my table. The wastelands of this mini campaign echoes with the planar winds slipping away through the serpentmen's other worldly gateways that link to many worlds. 

The  'Order of the Lords of Mystery'  has taken to recruiting the PC's into tonight's game. There was no we get together in a tavern tonight's game instead the Emporor's  dungeons were raided by the order for a group of fool ermm adventurers to brave the Tomb of the Serpent Kings. They made it into the tombs but part way on level one ran into trouble with particually nasty intelligent conquistor zombie that commanded other undead. This partiucarly nasty piece of work was inspired by Antediluvan miniatures Mictlan Lich. 

The undead horror ( a nasty juju zombie) had command of four other Conquistor zombies that kept the party very busy. Not to worry folks these are all experienced ACK's players. 

One wrong turn & they'll end up on   Lamentations of the Flame Princess's Carcosa/Cha'alt. The players are hoping that their PC's end up back on their own world. But things are just getting started & they've already picked up a stray erm former zombie victim. They got to him just in the nick of time for he wasn't victim. But he was babbling something about 'the master' & already the players are mumbling something about  Dave Cook's X5 Temple of Death.

Aryxyrmaraki's Almanac of Unusual Magic was brought up tonigt as the players tried to fall back to several of the side rooms to regroup & regain some ground from some the zombies & thier undead master. 

All in all the players are right in the middle of the action in tonight's game. The players have been in my recent  Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu rpg  mini campaign. We had to end early because of everyone has to work in the morning. 

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