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1d20 Random Legacy Relics of The Ancients Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 In a land where weirdness and mystery had strongly leagued themselves with eternal desolation, the lake was out-poured at an undiscoverable date of elder aeons, to fill some fathomless gulf far down amid the shadows of snowless, volcanic mountains. No eye, not even the sun's, when he stared vertically upon it for a few hours at midday, seemed able to divine its depths of sullen blackness and unrippled silence. It was for this reason that I found a so singular pleasure in frequently contemplating the strange lake. Sitting for I knew not how long on its bleak basaltic shores, where grew but a few fleshly red orchids, bent above the waters like open and thirsty mouths, I would peer with countless fantastic conjectures and shadowy imaginings, into the alluring mystery of its unknown and inexplorable gulf.

It was at an hour of morning before the sun had surmounted the rough and broken rim of the summits, when I first came, and clomb down through the shadows which filled like some subtler fluid the volcanic basin. Seen at the bottom of the stirless tincture of air and twilight, the lake seemed as dregs of darkness.
Peering for the first time, after the deep and difficult descent, into the so dull and leaden waters, I was at length aware of certain small and scattered gleams of silver, apparently far beneath the surface. And fancying them the metal in some mysterious ledge, or the glints of long-sunken treasure. I bent closer in my eagerness, and finally perceived that what I saw was but the reflection of the stars, which, tho the day was full upon the mountains and the lands without, were yet visible in the depth and darkness of that enshadowed place.
The Black Lake  (1922)  by Clark Ashton Smith

There are relics & instruments of the gods that no man should hold. Things that the hand of  mortal man should never have let alone touch. These treasures come with prices all of their own. Penalties &  punishments that are handed out by the fates because circumstances call to them.

1d20 Random Legacy Relics of The Ancients Table
  1. The crystalized hand of a warrior, it grants its user a vision of a possible future once a day should there be a time of war. 
  2. A super science wand device that 1d6 points of damage to all victims within a 20 foot radius. The device bleeds weird colours into reality  each time its used. 
  3. The preserved spleen of an unbeliever once per day it can be used to dispel magic as per the spell. 
  4. A preserved face & head of an android once a part of a bigger machine but able to cast polymorph other once per day. 
  5.   Strange tangle of wires & machinery that is a part of a table like affair. It is able to cast remove curse once per day. 
  6. A crystal drone like device that can fly around its owner within a ten foot radius & cast protection from evil within a ten foot radius. 
  7. A remote device that looks like a preserved human eye which is capable of creating a wizard eye as per the spell four times per day. 
  8. Weird purple pylon capable of summoning an elemental from the elemental plane twice per week with a sacrifice of a bit of blood. 
  9. Crystal machine capable of casting a contact higher plane 3 times per day. 
  10. Cloud kill generator bomb able to create a cloud kill spell three times per day. - 1 pint of humanoid blood is used to activate the mechanism, members of the race whose blood is used receive a -4 on their Saving Throw.
  11. Weather control musical instrument capable of summoning dangerous weather with the right depression of the keys. 
  12. A door like frame device made from cut crystal that acts as a hold person spell three times per day. 
  13. Brain washing helmet that removes all fear from its victims and creates berserks. 
  14. God machine capable of resurrecting one adult human if the victim is placed with if they've been dead less then twenty four hours. 
  15. Biomechanical device that dispels chaos within a thirty foot range but it will burn itself out after drawing from the biosphere of the local population of humanoids. 
  16. Basket machine capable of creating food and drink from rocks & dirt once those are placed within. 
  17. A mechanism capable of creating three  insect swarms as per the spell three times per day.   
  18. Continual darkness bomb made from the preserved  swollen heart of a giant combined with strange mechanical mechanisms. 
  19. Wand that can find traps but will also find the emotional weakness of anyone within a 20 foot radius four times per day. 
  20. Rod of Law capable of removing a curse within a target that is within line of sight. The wand can also place a blood curse three times per day on a target.  

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