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1d8 Random Alien Treasures of The Underworld Table For Your Old School Campaign


When the empire of Atlantis sank beneath the waves the spirits of the citizens were ripped from reality & thrown into the Underworld. There are treasures & relics left behind by the spirits, ghosts, & specters of the ancient dead. Dungeons often have connections & entrances into the Underworld, these spirits leave these relics behind to form a connection to reality.

These relics are often very valuable to necromancers, dark wizards, & evil cultists. Many of these artifacts retain the negative planar signatures of the Underworld these relics often have an aura similar to many illusions of valuable treasures or relics. Anyone catching sight of these relics for 1d8 rounds the victims will have to save vs wands or they may develop an unhealthy obsession with these items.
Many kings or governments have inner court inquisitors who specialize in these types of objects because these objects can be used in rites of foreseeing the future or rituals for contacting the dead.

Some of these relics count as cursed items, they have incredible echoes & auras of Death about them. These items turn up again & again by circumstance or coincidence into the PC's possession. A remove curse spell will remove the cursed legacy of these items.

1d8 Random Alien Treasures of The Underworld Table
  1. A set silver pins from Atlantis worth 7,000 gold pieces used in the rites  summoning the minions of the gods. These items respond to wizards who have the genetic inheritance of Atlantis or of Deep One heritage. 
  2. Beautiful funerary silver service from Lemuria worth 10,000 gold pieces that belongs to a family high priests of Nyarlathotep.
  3.  Gold platonic solids belonging to the temple of Nodens, these objects are worth 70,000 gold pieces and were used in the summoning of Night Gaunts
  4. A series of  beautiful diamond necklace belonging to an order of  priestesses of  Shub Niggurath worth 70,000 gold pieces. These necklaces are used to contact the queens of the ghouls and speak with the dead. 
  5. Pearl covered skulls of primitive ape men worth about 50,000 gold pieces, these skulls are used to contact the goddess of the lake. 
  6. Gold covered skull jaw bone that are used in the summoning of  Mordiggian worth 60,000 gold pieces. These items can be used in mass  summoning of ghouls 1d20.
  7. Chalice made of wood covered in platinum used in the summoning of the dark young of  Shub Niggurath & the ancient wood elements not seen since the days of Mu. 
  8. A beautiful well made mirror by alien tendrils of the Dark Spawn. This mirror shows any nearby dimension doors and can be used in alien rites for summoning the Dark Spawn. It also can be used to speak with the Atlantean dead.Worth 70,000 gold pieces

Between us lies an ancient fear;
Before me, in thy troubled eyes,
A shadow flees as flees the nymph,
Tremulous with the faun's surprise.

Hard silence like a stifling hand
Withholds the word we fain would say;
Over us lies the dreamt caress
Transfixèd with a dear dismay.
The Barrier  (1923)
by Clark Ashton Smith

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