Saturday, August 1, 2020

1d6 Random Negative Planar Entities Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

They're names are legion, they are all that remains once Chaos has had its way with men and near men's souls. Sometimes these things find their way back into our reality, a bit of space time flotsam and jetsam that continues to circle the drain of entropy and reality. Often times these horror escape from the Outer Darkness, the Abyss, or other place oozing their way between the cracks of our world. The damned find their way shadowing our world and hungering for the lives that we lead here are all that remains of those who have slipped their bounds and escaped into the world of the living once again. Often times an angel of Death or a bailiff from The Beyond comes to fetch these creatures back to the border lands again. But this can take months, sometimes adventurers and freebooters are the best hope against such entities.

1d6 Random Negative Planar Entities Encounter Table

  1. This robed entity only half exists in your world and the smell of sulfur as well as damnation cling to its weirdly seen frame. The thing flashes a bit of a half wind blown face whose eyes are pits into the deepest abyss at the end of the universe and the thing is hungry for your soul. Only silver or a laser sword may harm it. Because of its half real nature this horror can't be turned.  Only destruction assures its hunger will be destroyed.
  2. Once the leader of a cult of Chaos this entity knows 1d4  spells of 3rd level but can not remember its name or purpose in existence. Still it serves its ancient demon god masters murmuring their praises even as it pathetically pulls itself along the ground leaving an ectoplasm slime trail of its own digestive juices. 
  3. This collection of 1d4 damned souls were gossips who ruined many a man's reputation in life, in death and change their minds have been scrubbed clean by the hellish winds of eternity.  They're non existent tongues murmur with the forbidden gossip of ages long forgotten there is a 20% of them dropping some minor cosmic truth otherwise they are in your business spreading lies about you and your lives. There is a 4% chance that these things may now a spell or two of 2nd level and they love to open with magick missile. 
  4. These pathetic and slightly strange injured damned who seem to follow PC's and manifest at the most inopportune times. The half charred corpse thing will shift through realities and stalk PC's, always on the look out for fresh meat and they've somehow latched on to your party and will follow at a 100 yard radius. They also steal small objects such as keys, telekinesis enables them to move small things at a 60 yard radius. They seek to spread their own brand of depression, apathy, and horror in the face of entropy. These horrors have weird hooks for hands. 
  5. Weird gas mask like bio mechanical faces mark these damned, far too long bodies and odd black garment glistening skin cloth these beings. They seem as if they're partially awash in a storm that only exists for them only. They their rounded snout like faces are filled with strange sucking lamprey like teeth that tear out horrid chunks of flesh from their prey's bodies and souls. Their touch smells of burnt cinnamon and human waste. These things swim through space to reach their prey. Their claw like hands held in downward mockery of prayers until they reach toward their victims with wet sucking sounds. 
  6. These strange beings are clothed in black cloth like flesh resembling modern suits, these being's black glistening slime covered eyes resemble smoked glasses of the finest quality. They are not, instead these things are tall humanoids covered in pock marked flesh with odd alien eyes covering every space of flesh on their bodies. Two too wide mouths flutter with intense hungry sucking sounds as two tendrils wreath around their hands that can sense strong life forces which they will feed. But really their main meat is the moments of joy and happiness in life. They will drain 1d10 years from their victims with each touch. There are some varieties that level drain but these entities are mere rumors in space bars and brothels of spacers, adventurers, and some esoteric outlaws.

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