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New Monster - Sel'cruro - The Corrupt Snatchers Of The Ashen Glamour For Your Old School Space Based Games

  The Sel'cruro - The Corrupt Snatchers

 Of The Ashen Glamour For Stars Without Numbers rpg first edition 

Number appearing : 1d4  small raiding party
or 1d10 in hyperspace raiders for larger ships
Armor :6
Hit Dice 3
Attack Bonus +6 
Damage 1d6 sting 
Special: poison,psychic blast ( see below)
Saving Throw 13+ 
Movement 20'
Morale: 10
These insectoid horrors sometimes teleport themselves onto star ships in transit in hyperspace. These horrid insectoids waylay star ship crews and kidnap them. Teleporting victims across vast interstellar distances to their hyperspace hive structures in the so called 'Ashen Glamour' region of hyperspace. A place of vast psychic disturbances and weird tele planar disruptions. Victim's souls and life forces are slowly leeched off by the monsters to create vast psychic crystal matrices which feed the young of the Sel'cruro.
The Sel'cruro are heavily armored horrors some less then a meter tall while others are spindly  and spiky thin at three meters in height each type is specially bred for a specific role in their hyperspace hives.
It has been speculated that the Sel'cruro are all that remains of a once noble and cosmic race of insectoid beings that went extinct thousands of years go. They retain a vastly alien mind set and instincts but little in the way of what human and near humans might call conscious thought at all. They are part of an instinctual telepathic hive mind closely linked together through tight psychically bound minds each sharing impulses and thought waves through out the collective of the hives.
1d10 of these insectoid warriors and marauders will teleport aboard a ship in hyperspace or even real space near a naturally occurring star gate or hyperspace corridor. Sometimes if hyperspace drives aren't properly shielded the Sel'cruro can be attracted to the hyperspace signature of the space craft. 
The  Sel'cruro attack through a combination of psychic and physical assault upon their victims. The victim is assaulted by a sanity shattering blast of psychic energy followed by a series of poisoned stings across the body. The psychic assault does 1d8 points of damage as the victim's mind is assaulted by a mass of insane and corrupt soul wrenching sensations that assault the poor fools. A series of barbed stingers in the front fore claws carries a dangerous neuro toxin, those hit during an attack must save vs poison or death or suffer paralysis with 2 rounds. The Sel'cruro might also use a fatal neuro toxin mix instead if they feel that the opposition is too strong. The victim must save vs death in such cases or die as the poison breaks down and sets on fire nerves, the major blood vessels, and attacks the vital organs then shutting them down in rapid succession.
Those taken by the Sel'cruro are then bound in silicon webbing secreted by these horrors and teleported back to the hive. The monsters can teleport three times per day back to the Ashen Glamour region of hyperspace. Those have escaped and survived the experiences of the Sel'cruro's hive report a virtual region of insane horror.
The victims are webbed into complex hive structures and drained of life force as well as their souls into pseudo psychic matrix crystals which are used to feed the larva young of the Sel'cruro.
Often times victims of these monsters will be cocooned and placed into a deep hibernation trance for later retrieval by hive forces. Often time ships that fall victim to these types of raids will be seen drifting in hyperspace or real space just waiting for the Sel'cruro to pick up the victims.
There are daring and foolish adventurers who make a living invading the hives of the Sel'cruro to retrieve certain victims whose wealthy families pay handsomely for the return of their loved ones. These fools seldom return from the escapades of invading a multi leveled Sel'cruro hive.

 The Sel'cruro's history 
There is a school of thought among certain super scientists that the Sel'cruro are all that remains of the once proud Selenite race that inhabited Earth's moon & had an extensive interstellar empire that fell into decline & decadence. After the fall of the Selenite interstellar empire at the tendrils of the various Martian and other races. Selenite sub species were left on their own and evolved various coping mechanisms. One of the results of these events have been the Sel'cruro.
Studies of the 
Sel'cruro have turned up several anomalies to their behavior. Such as the taking of trophies and other mementos of their raids which decorate their hives. The ability to plan and coordinate raids, tactics, and offensive plans point to a level or reasoning  ability  that is never able to be explained by psychics or  super science. There is also evidence of these horrors making war upon one another and taking other alien insectoid victims as well. There is also evidence of some ability to adapt their genetic matrices to various atmospheres, planetary conditions, and even being able to teleport across planar destinations.
A few times 
Sel'cruro have been found planet side on various primitive or low tech worlds where they reside in ancestral ruins and even meg dungeon structures.
Sel'cruro hives  often contain weird psychic crystal matrices and psych crystal structures of unknown purposes with weird properties. 

For Bandits and Battle Cruisers 
Number Appearing : 1d4 or 1d10 for large ship infestations 
Size : Normal/Big 
Armor class: 6
movement: 25

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