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1d10 Random Lovecraftian Items and Finds After The UFO Leaves Encounter Table For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign


What do we know … of the world and the universe about us? Our means of receiving impressions are absurdly few, and our notions of surrounding objects infinitely narrow. We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos, yet other beings with wider, stronger, or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see, but might see and study whole worlds of matter, energy, and life which lie close at hand yet can never be detected with the senses we have.
"From Beyond" Written November 16, 1920, published June 1934 in The Fantasy Fan, 1
 HP Lovecraft 

The PC's suddenly have an alien encounter with a sanity shattering alien presence from beyond their  campaign world and something truly alien was left behind! But what? Some of the following items have appeared in this handy random 1d10 generator of horror and insanity.

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Items and
Finds After The UFO Leaves Encounter Table 
  1. A pile 1d100 tons of squirming rot grubs that appears to be getting bigger every 1d4 rounds. The smell of rot and rancid flesh fills the air. 
  2. A strange machine about the size of a bread box pulses with unnatural energies and weird colours from beyond the pale of mankind. Any PC's exposed to it must make a mutation check and find themselves upon another plane where the hounds of Tindalos await them. 
  3. A single statue of some alien entity made from the discarded junk and trash of the surrounding villages and cities. Then the thing begins to move and speak. There is a 20% chance of it being a minor Outer God. 
  4. A single sheet of oddly coloured living flesh, it is about bed sheet size. The thing looks alive with hair, pores, and it is slick with sweat when an eye and mouth open upon the surface of the thing. 
  5. A statue of cut crystal and glass with still living humanoid organs within it. The thing is humming with chanting and insanity. It is warm and wet to the touch. Once per round it will try to reach into the holder's mind to whisper secrets of a most disturbing nature. The mind of a wizard of sixth level is trapped within it from another universe. 
  6. A pile of wet remains of some small humanoid are piled at the center of a burn make in the soil. There is a small burnt up device of some oil based case that has been melted into the thing's hand. Then the chanting starts. 
  7. A single demon skull covered with strange and alien writing. There are two cut crystal eyes that seem to sparkle and swim when you look at them. The will open a dimensional door every two and a half hours four meters from the skull. Random location but something awaits you and you know deep in the bowels of your soul that you may not return. 
  8. A jar of alien soil that conceals a swarm of odd green coloured glowing worms. They telepathically implore you to put one in your ear. They claim to mean you know harm and they have come from a dying star. They may impart minor psychic abilities but they have a dire hidden agenda. They would speak with you about the coming of Hastur. 
  9. The brain parts of some vast alien entity lie glowing and scattered about the place. There is a 20% chance of them belonging to a very pissed off Star Spawn of Cthulhu. The thing will arrive within 1d4 hours and begin looking for those responsible. The thing's brain parts may grow into small horrid glowing troll like monsters with tendriled faces. They will try to kill anything present. The regenerate as trolls and will grow into full sized monsters with 20 minutes from the time of you finding this. 
  10. You find a staff made of glowing bio organic material shaped by years of weathering and age from countless years. There are incredibly horrid and gross designs of a bio-mechanical aspect worked into the thing. As soon as one touches it they will be in contact with the mind of Azathoth. The thing may try to possess them and reek havoc on the countryside. The staff is the property of some alien half demonic wizard who is seeking his staff. It will stop at nothing to recover it. 

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