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1d20 Random Encounters With Cosmic Contamination & Debris Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 There are some hazards that adventurers can't fight against or win, things that fall from the sky and infect the land with roiling horror and degeneration that runs deeper then any horror. There is a 60% chance that when these things happen that PC's might become infected themselves with the cosmic debris of an uncaring universe. There is also a 40% chance that the chaotic quasi dimensional affecting horror will not let the dead even rest quietly and 1d20 zombies or worse undead will heed the cosmic siren call of such visitors. Only expensive super science or magical treatments might heal such wounds but the damage goes much deeper into the victims of these events.

“It was just a colour out of space—a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the black extra-cosmic gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes.”
― H.P. Lovecraft, The Colour Out of Space and others

There is a 20% chance of any treasure or other artifacts taken from such areas of being infected with the damning radiations and strange magicks that accompany such weird cosmic visitors from beyond. Ancient and expensive magics might be able to take away the horrid taint that comes with these relics or perhaps not. The madness merely spreads.

1d20 Random Encounters With
Cosmic Contamination & Debris  Table

  1. A fragment of cosmic debris from the body of Outer thing has fallen and reeks with the power cosmic from its former host. All within 40 feet of this thing must save vs death or gain 1d6 mutations. This might be cured with strong magicks. Wizards of course will want this fragment of idiotic god hood and pay 5000 or more gold pieces for it. 
  2. The head of a cosmic god now crystallized has fallen into the landscape and is infecting everything with poisoned alien thoughts and dreams as it has dies and has for thousands of years. There are 1d6 goblinoid things that hatch from the ground around it every 1d4 days. 
  3. From the outer planes has come a spray of incredibly weird prismatic colour infecting everything with a weird other worldly vitality. Add +3 to constitition and strength but in 1d6 days your body will burn itself out as you die spasming and writhing in pain as you explode for 1d8 points of damage unless you get expensive healing.  
  4. Weird radiations have seeped in from a meteor that has fallen changing everyone's flesh to an odd blue and that's it but it has lowered their intelligence by -3 points and their now prone to violence and abnormal fights with all those around them. 
  5. A decaying alien eye ball from a god thing has fallen releasing the spirits of 1d6 alien ghostly souls onto the landscape. They are now turning the locals into wraiths and giving birth to new nation of weird ghostly warriors who stalk the land insearch of souls.. Those who come in contact must save vs death or want to join them. 
  6. A piece of cosmic debris has infected the landscape and now there are giant alien crystals stealing and collecting the souls of those around them. They are dangerous and very deadly. They're agenda and reasons are unknown. 
  7. A sword from the hand of a cosmic giant has fallen, the violence and weird radiations are turning everything with a four mile radius into a murderous monster of alien and strange aspects. Should the artifact be removed then the mutations and effects will remain for years to come. 
  8. A cosmic coffin from beyond the stars has fallen bring with it, the body of its alien occupant who has turned into an alien drug of incredibly potent aspect. There is a 2 mile drug induced haze surrounding those caught in it with a horrid mutating and rotting disease but they don't mind even as they fall apart. 
  9. Weird hallucinogenic crystals have fallen releasing cosmic illusions that create mind shattering visas of reality for those who gaze into their surfaces. They are worth 700 gold pieces to certain mad cults and wizards but those who are exposed must make a save vs death or have their skin infected with the same other worldly qualities. 
  10. 1d6 cosmic demonic hunters are after a meteor that has fallen and is now creating incredible fertility within those around a seven mile radius. The hunters consume the souls of those they encounter to find their quarry but it has taken on the aspect of a local pastor and come to be loved by those under his care. 
  11. A strange cloud has come from the sky and increased the mutations with the local populations within a two mile radius. This strange god like life form is the memory of an ancient god thing that has died off and now is remaking the locals into his worshipers old images. The cloud leaves scriptures and odd messages of salvation on panes of glass and metal. Those enter this area have a 40% chance of being infected with the strange radiations. 
  12. A piece of cosmic debris has become a parasitic lifeform and is infecting as well as mutating the locals in an effort to feed upon their souls. The thing will depart in 1d6 days after eating everything it can. Thing must be stopped. 
  13. A cosmic shape shifter has moved into the area to consume the forms and flesh of the locals for its own purposes but it is actually merely a herd animal for a larger cosmic shepherd  who is coming to cull it from the local scenery in 1d6 days. The must be stopped and banished or the area will be destroyed in a rain of fire. 
  14. A strange organ from some ancient demon from the Outer Darkness has fallen and is now creating 1d10 imps that are dragging off the souls and bodies of those they can into the great beyond for unknown infernal purposes. They must be stopped or the angels will come to destroy this place. 
  15. A piece of alien god projectile vomit is giving birth to 1d6 alien things of 3 hit dice and 9 armor class that are trying to become animals but are consuming things to learn but it isn't working. They will cause untold destruction around them. 
  16. The mating of two gods has created a horrid fluid which is causing the plants and animals it comes in contact to give birth to alien humanoid things that murder anyone they come in contact with in wild abandon glee. They use any weapons or tools they can.
  17. An alien virus has fallen and is trying to take on the role of the gods but has only succeeded in angering the local demons and devils who will go to war with these invaders. The community is caught in the middle, alien radiations are seeping in from Outside as well.
  18. A tendril from some giant alien god has fallen and now 1d8 warrior thralls have been given birth to by its presence. Those caught within a twenty foot radius from them must save vs death or begin to praise their idiotic dark master. The dead have risen to worship it.
  19. 1d10 cosmic dead have come from the sky and the local dead are joining with them to praise a strange and ancient necrotic dark master from the sky. They're cult is growing and they shall leave for the stars in 1d6 days but not before feeding on the flesh of any locals they can to power their cosmic journey.
  20. A colour from outer space has come to tend its young ones and take the souls of those around it to feed them. The alien radiations dance in the morning's light and within six days the whole place will consume itself unless you can stop it.

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