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Ten Random Mid Level Cosmically Artifacts Table For Your Old School Space Based Campaign


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Five Cosmically Powered Mid Level  Artifacts

  1. The Key of Ainglazgllal- This artifact enables the user to restore the biosphere of one planetoid of small size. This item allows the user to take the bio image of his home planet and imprint it upon the nearest lifeless body. The key will put in place all smaller plant and animal matrices from temporary planar/cosmic energies. The planet will last for 1d4 months unless a point of wisdom is permanently sacrificed. Used against a planet with life forms the key does 1d20 points of damage 
  2. The Statue of Tugorangogorm- This statue is the tyrant of Tastra Five in carbon/diamond form locked for all eternity watching as others use his power. This statue gains cosmic awareness, limited precognition, cure light wounds, and the ability teleport across interstellar distances without error. The statue is often used to prevent wars. It is said that the tyrant fury can be felt by the owner of the statue. Once per day the owner can unleash this fury for 1d4 points of damage. 
  3. Dugunazgb's Masks - These masks allow the user to communicate with anyone wearing the other 130 masks from any location. The user is immune to all mind reading powers and influences. The monks of the order that created them want them back at all costs. They're convinced that their god is locked within the masks and knows all of the former wearer's secrets. 
  4. Fathaulr Fire - This cosmic fire burns within the heart and soul of the owner and is pasted from one one to another. It does 1d4 points of damage to any being from the Outer Darkness. The real use of this fire is restart the cores of planets. The fire will empower any body and continue to function for 1d20 centuries. 
  5. Favarinc's Automaton - This mechanism is a actually a plane itself and contains the memories,race,record, and complete civilization of the Favarinc themselves. Nothing of them can be altered but many seek the wisdom of this race who imprinted themselves within this creature to escape the Dholes. It is said that this monsters will sometimes join a worthy group of adventurers to continue to learn. The robot regenerates as a troll and has the abilities of a 7th level psychic. It is also cosmically aware. 
  6. Inaurnali's Rod - This rod has the ability to manipulate the subatomic structure of the multiverse but only when the genius level A.I. that lives with it wishes it too. The rod must seek out an owner. There are dozens of such rods each with its own agenda and personality. 7th level psychic abilities in most game systems 
  7. Kotul- This "creature" is a 4 hit dice, 8 armor class, 1d8 damage destroyer of worlds that regenerates as a troll and never stops. The thing is locked away in a black hole at the beginning of time. Usually unleashed when a cosmic menace threatens. The owner must give up a constitution point to activate it. 
  8. Linatuarthm- This bio organic computer is a giant cosmic worm that knows many planar secrets and sometimes trains champions of the multiverse. The worm will unleash a 1d20 damage acidic glob of goo should any cosmic menace threaten it. 
  9. Uarongraetua's Desire - This cosmic piece of machinery gains the owner teleport without error, minor globe of inviolability  and manipulate reality to a very limited degree. It is thought that this piece of machinery belonged to a minor god of destruction. It may only be used to observe stars, stellar formations, black holes, extra. The user may may changes to those objects but only within a pseudo reality. There are thousands of previous owners trapped within their very own pocket dimensions. They're are simply itching to get out. The owner will hear them telepathically as a distant whispering. 
  10. Valandrc's Love - This female android is planar powered and supports a near genius AI. The android is a combination being of two lovers and now seeks another of its kind. It has acted as body guard and adviser to dozens of kings, prophets, and poets as well as adventurers and now seeks another party. 

File:Billiken Shokai Tin Wind Up Robby the Robot with Disintegrator Ray Gun Olive Green Version Box Inside.jpg

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