Friday, August 21, 2020

Five Dangerous High Paying Contraband Cargoes For An Old School Space Opera Rpg

 Sometimes the DM needs something a bit different for his or her old school space opera. We've got you covered! 

  1. Da'orskigor Sleeper Caskets - Da'orskigor are a billion years dead & no one knows what they even were originally . Their warrior client race is still found throughout fringe worlds. These fast, moving, acid spewing fiends are always in demand!  They revive within a 30 minutes & will cause a path of destruction to whatever is in the way.  4 Hit dice each & able to cause all kinds of trouble these creatures come equipped with 4 long range bio lasers each doing 1d3 points of damage. They're hand to hand attacks do 1d3 points of razor sharp slashing damage. They have an endoskeleton based on inorganic silicone. They eat any organic & inorganic material. They live 90 days. There are always space tyrants in search of these things. 300 credits each. Penalty for carrying these contraband cargo's is death by disintegration
  2. Vorleth Worms - These 1 inch long worms will split into dozens of telepathic worms that tunnel into the brains of humans & near humans allowing them to communicate with all species around them. They're secondary use when exposed to certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light is that they will cause a state of suggestion in the user. The user will have no will of his own unless a saving throw is rolled. The user will then be able to switch the worms back to their primary mode. Many times these worms will form a totality hive mind though on their own. They then will have a mind formed by the collective intelligence of all the users. The mind is psychic as well & malevolent as well. 600 per case of worms. Penalty is mind wipe & reassignment to menial duties. 
  3. Telgus Hand machines - Originally designed to aid in the healing arts by allowing one to pass through the flesh of beings as easily as air these gloves have built in astral circuits worked into them. They have become the premiere assassin weapons. They do 1d10 damage as they strike & leave no trace behind except for an astral residue which many smaller worlds have no way of detecting.  Will only remain powered for 1d6 rounds though. 800 credits for a pair. The penalty for possession without a license for these is death without trial on the spot.
  4. Pho'shosaug Drug - This drug allows the user to transfer his flesh into a ghostly state for 1d8 turns. This drug is often used by planar demon worshipers to experience unholy rites with their masters. Demons have been known to secret this drug into formal parties & collect the souls of those present. A case of this stuff is 700 credits. Possession will net you a soul flaying on the outer colony worlds. 
  5. Tlothuaki Sword - Another extinct race 54 billion years dead. The blade will cause any technology it touches to decay  & rust taking 1d4 points of  damage. The blade causes 1d3 points of damage to the flesh of the wielder as well. The blades can only be kept in a special magnetic sheaths & specially prepared magnetic bottles. Each blade sells for 900 credits & are only found in strange vaults of the Tlothuaki who used them to cleave the dimensional barriers. Possession will net you 1d20 years in a slam where you won't see day light & hard labor for 1d3 years. 

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