Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Gerry Anderson OSR Campaign Options - More Campaign Workshop Thoughts Part II

 So tonight I wanted to pick back up with something that I've been working on for a bit & that's the thought that if Mentzer D&D is the basis of Lamentations of the Flame Princess then this system has many applications for OSR games. You can read the first part of this campaign workshop here. 

So that leaves the fact that fan of Space 1999 & Gary Anderson's U.F.O. has to be able to morph D&D or The Traveller rpg into a system that we want. This isn't something new, its something that as a dungeon master with players we've been doing since forever. 

This brings me to the cross over between Mentzer & Labyrinth Lord or more specifically the Goblinoid Games rpg Apes Victorious rpg.  There's a tremendous nostalgia between late Sixties & early Seventies Sci fi that driven by the 'Planet of the Apes' films. 

For the record my players  come from a very different place, the Pulp Science Fantasy of yesteryear going all the way back before Edgar Rice Burroughs. And that brings me to the Adventurer,Conqeuror,King rpg. Domains at War & Guns at War are perfectly lined up to be used with Lamentations of The Flame Princess. 

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Carcosa is going to line up with the same thought experiment. As a huge Gerry Anderson  U.F.O. & Space 1999 fan Geoffrey McKinney Carcosa hit right at the right time for me. The setting got my synapses firing on all signals. See my campaign version of Carcosa is a place of the lost & damned. The final location where worm holes & star gates like the legendary Bermuda Triangle finally exit. 

There's a definitive war front between Venger Satanis's Cha'alt & the coloured peoples of Carcosa. Both settings fit together on one planet with the forces of the Cthulhu mythos quietly exploiting both sides for their own benefit while a religious war spills blood across the sands. 

This war is fueling ancient conspiracies,terrorist cells, etc. that are spilling over into various planes (*cough campaigns*) by powers unknown(*cough,cough, serpent people*). These ancient powers are awakening Lovecraftian horrors that are spilling over from the realms of chaos. This is where ACK's 'The Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu' is playing a healthy part within this campaign. 

Some of the monsters & elements that I'm borrowing at the moment are from Night Owl Workshop's Warriors of the Red Planet rpg. The beginning adventure for this campaign might even end up being  Warriors of the Red Planet's Mechanized Men of Mars. 

This is a pay what you want bare bones Sword & Planet adventure that can easily be modified to suit the tastes of the dungeon master & the players. Remember I mentioned the 'Apes Victorious' rpg earlier. Well there's also the Realms of Crawling Chaos rpg book which has a 'White Apes' PC race for Labyrinth Lord. Well I've been itching to use this race to create a scholar NPC who recruits the PC's for  a bit of dungeon romp meanwhile. The robot might rampage across the face of this campaign & cause all kinds of mayhem. 
The kick in the teeth is the fact that part of this campaign is going to be based on Gerry Anderson's Space 1999 episode 'Black Sun'. 

I'm still quietly on planning on how to incorporate AX6: Sepulcher of the Sorceress-Queen into the mix once this campaign gets off the ground. Here I might encorporate Space 1999's first season's episode 'Another Time & Another Place' 

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