Friday, August 28, 2020

Mutation Solution III - Carcosa & Cha'alt World Campaign Setting Building - Its All Venger & DM Steve's Fault

 So I've been planning on running a Cha'alt/Carcosa cross over mini campaign perhaps using a combination of Castles & Crusades using 'The Wilderlands of High Fantasy' as the fantasy background for this ham fisted OSR kitchen sink game mini campaign. You can read about the second part here. Then DM Steve showed up & he got talking with my players out in my driveway. We're having the top part of the apron repaved. So everyone was standing around talking about campaigns past. That's when things went to Hell or not. 

There are time when the strangulation of a player or an author becomes necessary(I'm speaking here metaphorically people).  Its time like this when I wished I lived closer to Venger. Let me explain why. Recently Venger sent out an optimized version of his magnum opus Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise. This latest version of his Cha'alt supplement contains the following Crimson Dragon Slayer D20, Cha'alt Ascended, and OSR Like A F*cking Boss. So Venger wanted to to know what I think?! Well I think its a pretty packed book:

  • There's a lot of material here that packs in a very distinctly Venger punch for Cha'alt. 
  • The timeline for Cha'alt moves up quite a bit. There's ties in for several other parts of the Vengerverse. 
  • The book introduces several other factions that tie back into the other books such as Alpha Blue & 'The Islands for the Purple Haunted Putrescence'. 

And here's where campaign events get hairy & woolly. You see way back in 2017 Venger in his infinite wisdom introduced Battle For The Purple Islands! This was quite literally a battle for those immortal islands of infamy. So while everyone is standing around having beers, talking, as you are too do when there's construction going on the group wishing that they had a star ship. DM Steve whom I haven't seen for six months casually mentions how when Tegel Manor planarly appeared in the middle of the battle that there was a Romulan D7 ruined on branch of one of the smaller isles! 

TOS Era - Romulan D7 | Star Fleet Battles TOS art ...

So how is this Venger's fault?! Well back in 2018 I put DM Steve & co. through Alpha Blue rpg adventure Battle Star: Trek Wars. I threw in a ruined Romulan D7 star ship to the adventure for giggles as a part of one of Venger's encounters from one of the random charts in the book. This ship later on show up on the islet during the events of the battle for the purple islands. DM Steve then piped up that if Cha'alt & Carcosa are the same planet then he also played in our Klingons on Carcosa game back in 2009. There's an intact D7 warp core in the wreck of a D7 since both settings are one

Then DM Steve pipes up that since Venger in his infinite wisdom has a free  D20 version of Alpha Blue that means that our old Alpha Blue mini games are campaign canon. 

Now DM Steve wants to come back & play a really nasty NPC villain for the group that has ties to Alpha Blue. Since this is the case its easy to convert D20 over to Castles & Crusades. Fortunately for me 'The Castle Keeper's Guide' has all of the space craft & sci fi setting tools that I need. 

So now several of my Victorious rpg players are already making plans to jump ship into this mini campaign. The Castles & Crusades players are planning on bringing in their characters from 
 'The Wilderlands of High Fantasy'. All of this might be happening on the islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence. 

My pain at the table top level as DM has only just begun. Then there's the whole 'where's HP Lovecraft bit?! Not to mention the chaos that might ensue if the Victorious rpg gadgeteer get's a hold of a warp core?! 

What are the ties in the 'Wilderlands of High Fantasy'?! I have some ideas & they involve some  plot or adventure ideas that I'm pulling out of my behind. This brings me to the  Castles & Crusades Codex Egyptium which the players are really excited to be tied into the Judge's Guild's 'The Wilderlands of High Fantasy'
's version of Egypt. 

All of this ties into my several months old time & dimensional jumping haunted OSR house of Tegel Manor! 
The Busybody: The Best Dungeons & Dragons Modules
All of this just may result in an island sized crater in the middle of some world's ocean with lots of dead PC's. 

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