Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Frightening OSR Fifties - Alien Invasions, Mutants, & Megadungeons

This is not my first foray into 'alternative Popcultural history megadungeons' but what is a first is how it comes fast it comes together. Our first tentative steps into this alternative history begins in 1947 with the continuation of the Occult World War with the crash of the Roswell UFO out in the New Mexico desert. This was merely another Grey scouting mission in a World War II that had turned cold after the Nazi feeling of Earth & into Antarctic. 

The United States government had their latest developments in  the discovery of hyperdrive from the downed Grey space craft. Meanwhile the Nazi had developed their own craft in trade deals with the Derro for their own Vril drive. The Vril drive  off shoot itself from the interstellar craft of the serpent men of Valusia. 

All of this would come into play with appearance in 1951 of Gort & his humanoid servant Klatuu in their flying saucer. This marked the first contact with alien civilizations of the galaxy as humanity was warned against the use of atomic weapons by the space gods. It would not be the last. 

The appearance of Klattuu & Gort marked a turning point as the nations of the world scrambled to cope with this sudden revelation. Dr.Reed Richards ground breaking work along with the work of Dr.Tom Merrrinoe marked a turning point for the Earth. In 1956 the first of series of alien invasions happened as a splinter faction of the Great Race returned to Earth. The quick manufacture of sonic weapons proved incredibly useful & may have had Grey involvement in this point in history. Dr.Russell A. Marvin's ground breaking work in sonics is still used today in everything from super science medicine to warfare. 

It was about this era when the first appearance of a growing & excited company would appear to create the first of the ion drives derived from the retro engineered alien saucers & some principles observed on Gort's craft. YoYo Dyne Propulsion began several top secret US government contracts & research under the fledging Area 51 umbrella. 

In 1954 the world got its first wake up call of the highly dangerous mutant menace of giant mutated ants, humanoids, & monsters beyond the pal of mankind! 

So this is my alternative Seventies campaign but I'm playing around with an actual pop cultural historical  time line approach to the campaign using some OSR resources. For this one I'd take Goblinoid Games Mutant Future & after reading this review add in more of my usual flare to it. 

Its from here that I'd love to add in one of my favorite Night Owl Workshop games Raiders of the Lost Artifacts to the mix to really give this one a pulpy OSR feel. 

Add in a bit of Realms of Crawling Chaos & you've got an OSR campaign set to go! The latest in Adventurer,Conqueror, King's adventures AX6: Sepulcher of the Sorceress-Queen is a perfect Raider's stand in adventure! 

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