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1d8 Random Wasteland Warriors & Adventurers Encounter Table For Old School Games

 Wastelands are breeding grounds for the weird, strange, & just plain dangerous. Places of violence that attract the kind of men & women that high adventure calls. These warriors of the wastelands are a rare breed attracted to the wildness & wanton ruination that accompanies much of the landscape. These are men & women adventurers of unique aspect who wander the wastelands in search of adventure & the next score.

There is a 30% chance that these wanderers of the wastes were employed as mercenaries in one of the many local brush fire wars. These conflicts eat warriors & their fighting prowess up with rapid fire wars conflicts. The spoils of war have run out and these veterans have turned to the life of adventuring. There is a 20% chance of a wizard or warlock being among such rabble. Many local tribes look down on and will chase away such adventurers. They see these rabble for the scum they are as potential sources of possible violence & people whose profession are the ways of warfare.

There is a 40% that when encountering these various warriors that they may be opening to acting as hirelings for the party. They often have very 'colorful' backgrounds & histories with a 15 % chance of encountering an NPC adventurer with a murderous blood vengeance upon a wasteland adventurer. Wasteland warriors & wanderers always seem to attract violence & dramatically weird events with their very presence.

Wastelanders often have deep associations with local gangs of cut throats, bandits, murderers, and worse. These outlaws often use reputations of the wastelanders to foster their own reputations. There is a 20% chance of a wastelander having a relic or magic item. These are often used to bargained with if their lives are in danger or used when supernatural enemies show up. There is also a 10% chance that these adventurers will have type B treasure or better if they are 3rd level fighters or better.

1d8 Random Wasteland Warriors
& Adventurers Encounter Table

  1.  Truu Ro & his party of adventurers are actually a tribe of time lost survivors who have ended up in the wastelands. They have sold their services as mercenaries to other adventurers and have made a tidy profit killing outlaws and collecting bounties. 
  2. Brabarus Russ - Russ is a murderer of the highest caliber and works with several groups of adventurers as a professional assassin. She made her way here from her home world across the cosmos. She has acquired several contracts in recent years by simply observing local politics.
  3. Georgus The Bold - This warrior is the head of several large mercenary families that farm their services out to the local black market, assasination guilds, and has made his money from the adventure opportunities afforded her. 
  4.  Grut The Mighty is actually the head of a local tribe of warriors who often raid money lender caravans.The locals want to know if this barbarian is building an army of professionally trained merc troops. He often raids lone travelers. 
  5.  Truss - An android warrior from the far future that is actually a 5th level fighter with a terrible past who is now committing crimes in the wastelands to cover his actual assassinations of key players in the local government positions while taking the treasures and relics for his group. 
  6. Fel The Amazing  is actually a warlock of incredible power that has thrown his lot in with the wrong crowd. He has become a jaded almost demonic figure with the wasteland community with a passion for collecting valuable artworks. 
  7. Kalus The Cat - This strange almost cat like mutant humanoid might be a traveler from another world or another dimension. She has a band of misfit warriors 2nd level who take it upon themselves to rob and steal from the locals. 
  8. The Grinning Skull is a local home grown wasteland adventurer whose got his tendrils throughout the wasteland underworld. He has amassed a sizable fortune through racketeering & running deadly raids on travelers.

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