Tuesday, August 25, 2020

1d6 Random Weird Mundane Remains & Treasures From Magical Ceremonies Table For Your Old School Campaigns


Magical ceremonies & summoning  rituals sometimes require expensive relics & components to complete their magical operations. Wizards & other practitioners of the dark arts often times must leave behind objects of a curious & sometimes dangerous nature. These are items that could require adventurers to do a bit of research into the nature of a silver bauble or golden knickknack. These researches might require a scribe of at least five hundred gold pieces or better for magick can be both mysterious and sometimes obscure.

There is a 30 % chance of these objects having the attention of their god or a minor demonic entity belonging to the god thing involved in the magical ceremony. Many times these objects might be sacred to a cult or other magical organization for whom the object may have strong religious connotations. There is a 10% chance of the organization wanting the PC's dead for having violated the sacred auras of these objects.

1d6 Random Weird Mundane Remains
& Treasures From Magical Ceremonies Table
  1. Ten tiny silver vessels each filled with a small flawless ruby the whole lot is worth 6000 gold pieces but the vessels have sacred writing that is actually a circle of protection spell if the magus figures out the whole pattern. A wisdom roll is required to notice and figure out the order of the vessels pattern. Was used as an offering for 'airy spirits' and elemental summoning rites. 
  2. A set of five golden and silver whistles used in demonic & Lovecraftian summoning rites. The whistles are worth 200 gold pieces a piece. The whistles are covered in a fine pink and green ichor film that covers every squire inch of these. 
  3. A giant vase of lapus and green stone made from the finest hands. This vase is used to summon forth vile energies between planes and its stoppered up! The thing contains the life essence of a ghoul queen whose soul will flee into the underworld. The thing is the equal of a Monster Manual 1st edition specter. 
  4. A wand of jet and flame made from several golden rods all woven and sealed together. The relic looks very dangerous magical item but in fact its perfectly valuable find at 6000 gold pieces because its perfect to turn into a wand of flame. 
  5. A plate of pure gold worth 5000 gold pieces is worth much more then it seems and contains the life essence of a wizard of 11th level but he's locked away in another plane of existence. The plate contains directions to the wizard's tomb. 
  6. A weird prism set in a golden cage worth 10000 gold pieces still glows with the weird energies that were just recently used in last evenings summoning. The prism can be set to show 1d4 hidden nearby dimensions. There is a 40% chance of some dangerous Lovecraftian entity noticing your :PC's .

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