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1d20 Random Tomb Loot & Lovecraftian Treasures Table For Your Old School Campaigns

 "Thy beauty is the warmth and languor of an orient autumn,
Caressing all the senses—
With light from skies of heavy azure,
With perfume from blossoms large as thuribles,
That hang in the berylline dusk of palms;
With the balmy kiss of wind and wave beneath Canopus;
And the songs of exotic birds
That pass in vermilion-flashing flight from isle to isle
On an ocean of lazuli.
O, sweetness in the inmost sense,
As of blood-red fruits that have grown by the waters of Lethe,
Or fragrance of purple lilies crushed in a cypress-grove
By the sleeping limbs of Eros ! . . .
Thou pervadest me with thy love
As the dawn pervadeth a valley among mountains,
Or as sunset filleth the amaranth-colored sea;
The desire of thy heart is upon me
Like a summer wind from Cythera,
Where Venus lies among the tiger-lilies
By a pool whose waters arc fed from secret springs;
I inhale thy love
As the breath of hidden gardens of purple and scarlet,
Where Circe trails a gown
Whose colors are the reddening gold of flame
And the azure of the skies of autumn."
Cleopatra  (1922) 
by Clark Ashton Smith

There are dark tombs that straddle the worlds of the living & the dead. These tombs act as portals between the worlds so it stands to reason that the relics found there are often from places left trod by humanity.  But there are things & beings that seek out such places in the wastelands. Such beings often leave their traces behind in such places. 

Down in the depths of tombs of these accursed places are treasures beyond compare. Alien things & relics that are best left for the wise or dark wizards to find. Such relics often draw fools erm adventurers to them. They lay undisturbed for thousands or even millions of years. The dry air, deprived light less places preserving these 'treasures'. 

These tombs are often the home to several horrid cults that take turns using these sacred spaces. But these places are the target for adventurers who wish to loot (liberate) the relics within. There are often vengeful spirits associated with such places however. 

1d20 Random Tomb Loot & Lovecraftian Treasures Table 

  1. The head dress of a serpent man wrought with gold, lapus, & otherworldly gems. The thing is worth a cool 300 gold pieces but the gems are radioactive & will drive those who wear it insane after 1d6 days of use. However it will raise the level of any wizard wearing it but their mind will be filled with strange thoughts of Valusia. The user will start to speak (hiss) in the language of the serpent men & no one around him or her will understand them. 
  2. A living jeweled scarab the size of ham or a big man's fist that will burrow into the skull of the owner. The their mind is then a tool for Nyarlathotep & will be able to process information much faster. The owner gains 1d6 points in tainted wisdom & intelligence but its services the dark god.The scarab is worth 200 gold pieces as curiosity of artwork but doesn't nothing to betray its sinister overtones.  
  3. A statue of a faceless goddess seemingly lovecraftian but in fact harmless worth a mere 100 gold pieces. 
  4. A golden dagger made of a curious mix of copper & gold, not ancient at all but dropped by a cult member whose cult was performing weird rituals & rites within the tomb. The thing is worth 40 gold pieces to a wizard. 
  5. A book of golden steel with silver clasps belonging to a member of the Great Race of Yith. The book contains 5 spells of the seventh level and is worth 100 gold pieces to a wizard as a curiosity. The book is in fact a time lost piece & will return to its own time with the owner & 6 passengers (victims) in 1d6 weeks. 
  6. 4 beaded glasses that are part of a game of chance dropped three centuries ago by guards. The glasses have become the home to a pair of deadly tiny snakes whose bite is save or die. The glasses are worthless. 
  7. A weird necklace that belonged to a cult leader/wizard who was using the tomb for a ritual retreat the place killed him. The necklace of silver & steele is actually a storage device for 1d6 ghosts of his former masters all serpent men. They will plague the owner with insane dreams. The necklace is worth 50 gold pieces or 100 to a dark wizard. 
  8. A staff wrought & carved with many dark ghouls, wizards, demons, etc. & its actually a storage device made from a 1000 souls of a monsters. The thing is actually solidified dark magic but because its so old, its actually lost most of its enchantment. Now its only a disturbing object d art worth 200 gold pieces to a dark wizard. 
  9. A series of gold, ivory, & silver soul jars worth 300 gold pieces with the dark soul of a necromancer & king trapped within. The soul has degraded greatly but it has the power to sent horrid dreams of Cthulhu.
  10. A craved head of Cthulhu the size of pumpkin made of silver but its so corroded that it appears to be gray stone. The head is worth 40 gold pieces but is actually 500 gold pieces to the cult that it was taken from. They will hunt & kill anyone possessing this relic. This thing has the power to send dark dreams of the dead where the Great Old Ones feed on the souls of their of worshipers. 
  11. A golden preserved fang of a serpent man priest that drips with the poison of the race. This fang is part of a necklace that is used by assassins of the serpent men. It is worth a mere 20 gold pieces. 
  12. The claws of Bast have seen action made by a princess whose name was lost to time. These are made of gold worth 100 gold pieces but shot through with bent steele. They are sharp as a razor but bent & twisted now. There is a curse of  Bast upon these. Those handling this item will be turned into giant cats. Mindless & violent when the moon rises over the wasteland. 
  13. A series of  twelve concentric rings of a green concrete like material six inches around. These rings sing with the praises of the 'old ones' when they are spun & act as a summoning spell for a series of six night gaunts. They are worth 100 gold pieces to a dark wizard. But only fifty as curiosities to most people. 
  14. The necklace from Carcosa - this incredibly detailed necklace is carved with & wrought through with many images of Hastur. The necklace does nothing is considered cursed. But the thing will ensnare the mind of the owner as an item worth the world. They will not give it up as it drives its owner mad with dreams of insanity. 
  15. A series of perfume vials worth 7 copper pieces wrought through with 'the yellow sign'. They are worthless & cursed. 
  16. A single copper plate that is actually a piece of the 'The Necronomicon' with an unknown summoning spell. There are forty gold pieces glued onto the plate for unknown reasons. There's a series of notes in the language of the 'elder ones'. It looks worth a high value but its worthless. 
  17. A strange headdress made from some odd gold & copper wrought with many,many, fish & human pieces of artwork. The thing is worth 700 gold pieces to the right cult but in a desert region it may be hard finding them. 
  18. A single onyx & bone rod worth 200 gold pieces to a wizard. This relic has the symbol of the king of wizards upon it on one end & the 'key & the gate' on the other. 
  19. A preserved humanoid hand of some fish like being. This desiccated hand acts as a hand of glory with all of the powers associated with this mystic relic but the whole area of a forty foot radius is filled with the smell of dead fish. The hand may animate & try to strangle its owner during the new moon. Worth 500 gold pieces to a cult of thieves dedicated to 'Mother Hydra'. 
  20. A single statue of Dagon carved from skull of a human & some fish being worth 400 gold pieces because its covered with melted gold pieces & there are crude magical symbols upon it. 

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