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1d10 Random Adventurers of The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns


They are some of the most commonly encountered warriors and freebooters in the wastes, men and women seeking their fortunes among the decay and danger of Accursed Atlantis. From the dead oceans to the deep deserts they come to the cities. They are often quick with a sword as often as a joke or a piece of advice. Your PC will often come across these men and women when they least expect it, in dark alley ways, the homes of minor noblemen, smoke houses  and even the brothels of highly skilled madams. Adventurers have disposable coin to spend and know all of the best watering holes.These people are often desperate individuals of very dangerous disposition and they can be extremely cunning.
1d10 Random Adventurers of The Wastelands Encounter Table
  1. This last surviving warrior king is a 7th level fighter who is armed with a relic sword and blaster, he is looking for treasure and the man who killed his tribe. He is willing to be hired on for a share of treasure but is not to be trusted. 
  2. A wizard of mutated aspect who is driven on in the quest for knowledge but also needs to pay his gambling debts. He works for those who pay well in coin but looking out for a thieves guild who even now are searching the Pacific basin for him. 6th level wizard armed with a staff and enchanted +3 knife of slightly demonic aspect. 
  3. A former prince of a wasteland kingdom this warriors is wanted for the murder of his former alien boss, but really its the severe mutational scars across his face and skin that mark him as a wanted man. Several cults want to sacrifice him to their demonic masters all of the while he is trying to keep ahead of all of them. His haunted eyes dart around every corner expecting an enemy at any time but his +2 talking sword helps to keep him alive. 5th level thief and 3rd level fighter dressed in desert finery and survival gear. 
  4.  This wastelander princess is dressed in practical survival gear and armor, her scars testify to the battles she's seen. As an 7th level fighter she's armed with two short swords and a blaster rifle on her side. She seeks out an undead prince in the wastelands for revenge on her family, but each job seems to take her away further from here goal. She loves the gold and relics. 
  5. This former wasteland pirate is seeking a lost gold shipment because it contains the contract for his soul. He's taken up the life of freebooter because no one else will have him. Armed with a blaster and gun, he is a formible character. He's desperate to find the shipment  they've escape with the gold, but he'll take any work at the moment. He needs money and fast. 
  6. This former wastelander is looking for a good time and his treasure, he's armed with a standard blaster tube weapon, a bad attitude and plenty of reason to go kill anything that runs across his 6th level playing field. 
  7. This rather pretty adventurer is actually an alien shape shifter who seeks to make lunch from fellow adventurers. It leaves traces of itself behind in drinks, food, etc. So that it may possess its supposed friends, endlessly putting each other at one another throats. Armed with a mini blaster and stun wands, this thing has already murdered eleven people in the wastelands. 
  8. A clutch of battle nuns is looking for employment in the name of Law and right, they are looking forward to meeting other adventurers so that they may gauge their potential prey. They work as independent consultants and contractors. 
  9. A party of 1d6 cult of Starry Wisdom warriors who are looking for mayhem and for potential sacrifices for their alters of depravity. Armed with two laser blasters and man catchers, these horrors are looking for potential recruits as well.  5th level fighters and their very good at the murders of others. 
  10. A wizard is offering his services to the highest bidder so that he can see the world through he enemies perspective. But this wizard is very hell bent on finding out the secrets to the Cthulhu cult and will trade humor and horror for maps and other cult related items. He is armed with a classic spear and staff combination 4th level wizard.

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