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The Valley of Stone Thundarr and Fantastic Heroes and Witchery One Shot 'The Thundarr Double Feature' Adventure Part IV

Between the snow storms, work, and everything I've had to cover a ton of ground in the meantime and well we'll pull it together with the next round of this one shot mini campaign.
Part III is up over

Things have rolled along quite nicely as well. The party of mutant adventurers have needed some back up and they've gotten it. 

Let's see if I can condense what's happening in the last two back to back games. The PC's in the last two weeks ago game dived into a trash compactor and there was water in there. The Mok freaked as Moks are prone to do with water and the party busted out on to level four. And came face to face with the Brain Lasher overlord who was sent in to deal with the party's intrusion into the facility. The party's sorcerer died so that the party could escape as he faced the brain lasher overlord in single mind combat.
This resulted in the party's Mok causing a bit of the structure of the base to drop on the heads of the Brain Lasher overlord and company. He then sealed the deal with a convenient 2 ton piece of machinery he grabbed. 

Meanwhile the same location has been getting a work out in my Stars Without Numbers game as well.
That party of adventurers is of a higher level and is aware of the other party of adventurers, several pieces of forbidden technology has been stored in the vaults of this facility. The majority of this technology has come out the Wisdom of the Wasteland's issue #13.

That's available right over

And the party found exactly what was going on at the facility, the Greys were snatching people from across space and time from various Alternative Earths, scanning their brain, healing them and putting them in cryo pods for later further brain scans, experimentation, and worse.
The SWN party found a  Brain Lasher Assault squad and their cavemen body guards crawling through the facility's super structure in this past week's game. 
That resulted in a melee and a whole bunch of frag grenade's being thrown in and almost but not quite weakening the whole base to collapse. The party also found a teleporter unit that one of the Grey's had activated before his untimely death. The Brain Lashers it seems have a nearby flying saucer outpost as well concealed within a nearby mountain. 
Brain Lasher 1

The SWN party found the time space gate, sealed it, and destroyed the teleporter unit trapping any remaining brain lashers. The SWN party battled a giant humanoid mutant scorpion thing with mech busting capabilities. They recovered most of the tech that wasn't ruined by the melee and left a resurrection pod for the other party after watching the sorcerer die upon one of the monitors.
The SWN party teleported several items for the other party to find so they could get the cure back to the wizard for the local village back for the plague. The whole reason for them to explore the 'medicine chest' facility in the first place.
The SWN party set off several razor dust grenades to into the facility's air ducts to further deal with any enemies on levels six and seven.
Now the Mutant Future party made their way their way back to level one after recovering an FTL communicator from one of the Brain Lasher bodies in the super structure. They found out about a very interesting little tid bit of information about the Brain Lasher forces. They have a deep space outpost near the moons of Uranus. And after recovering the vaccines and medicine they needed mopped up the last of the goblins and orcs. They communicated this to the other party.
This third game wasn't run by me because of work and the scheduling of stuff. Instead my buddy Peter ran this leg of the mini campaign.

Tim Snider's Free
Thundar The Barbarian 'Master' Sourcebook Released! 

Meanwhile Tim Snider has gone and released a brand new version of his massively awesome 'World of Thundarr' sourcebook which formed the primary backbone of this mini campaign and it includes all of his material up till now.
Did I mention its free?

According to Tim : 
Since releasing the final version of the sourcebook, I've run several Thundarr adventures at conventions throughout the U.S.  None of these games were based on any of the classic episodes and are new adventures written specifically for the events. In fact, some players have called these "missing episodes" of the shows (which is a nice tribute). Whenever I've run one of these new Thundarr adventures, I've posted them here at The Savage AfterWorld for download. There have been three released: Across the Dimensional DivideWarlord of the Sacred Library; and The Wizard's Graveyard.

Grab that right over
I'm intimitaly familiar with these very well done resources. Read all about it above and Tim's done a fantastic job. 

My advice is to grab this resource of Thundarr goodness ASAP.
More OSR Resources From The Mini Campaign 

All of this was done using Fantastic Heroes and Witchery as the base system and it worked out fantastically. You've got to gut and convert the OSR systems above into what's needed but I'm pretty damn happy with the results. Fantastic Heroes and Witchery has been a God sent for me. 

The party of adventurer's patron wizard isn't simply some randomly rolled wizard but a veteran of an interstellar conflict that raged across another Goblinoid Games campaign that I ran years ago.
The Brain Lasher warriors that the party faced are part of a military outpost that was put in place after a conflict raged around outer edges of the solar system and across the stars.
The Oiretophid Wars were a conflict which engulfed thousands of systems and whose effects echo across eternity.
All this comes from Star Ships and Space Men Second Edition.

Available Right Over

All of this comes back to a stop that the Stars Without Numbers PC's had at Spungo's Bar and Grill from Fish Wife games and a mysterious bar hand who had seen action in a conflict that they had never heard about. But he gave the party equipment, maps, and information all free of charge but why? We'll be find that out in tonight's Stars Without Number game.

Available right over

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