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Androids, Aliens, and Aberrations From Ivanhoe Unbound For The Mutant Future Rpg System And Your Old School Campaigns

The Mutant Future rpg system  has been built upon the shores of decades worth of pop culture influences and these include a good number of wide ranging mutants, aliens, and countless creatures from classic pulp to film influences.
But many of these are trying to kill your PC's! But why should all of the monsters have all of the fun? Well that's where Androids, Aliens, And Aberrations comes into play from Ivanhoe Games.
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Androids, Aliens, and Aberrations

Writer Mark Dankmyer taps into that best part of the Mutant Future retroclone system with Androids, Aliens, and Abberations. There is a decidedly pulpy approach to the Mutant Future rpg  post apocalyptic retroclone system by Goblinoid Games and AAA gives your players a chance to dive into the deep end of the post apocalyptic pool.
And its done with a ton of splashing old school PC comic book vileness and venom in the best possible way. This is a book for both DM's and players of the the game and it adds quite a bit to the tool box of DM options right out of the gate of mutant madness.
This is a supplement the plums the depths of the post apocalyptic game's grind house and psychotronic's roots. And that's exactly how its meant to be used.
Along with Brain Lashers and Rad Dragons we get a PC's stock  of Enhanced Humans, Psions, and more to battle, plot, and generally give players a chance to play everything from the exotic to the sublime in one cracking hell of a nineteen page book.
You can see this right in the blurb from Drivethrurpg:
This is a supplement for Mutant FutureLabyrinth Lord, and other old-school games based on a pre-1989 edition of a well-known fantasy role playing game that rhymes with "Truncheons and Flagons."
Here's what you get:
  • Eleven New Races for use with Mutant Future, including genetically engineered humans (Enhanced Humans, Psions), dangerous warbots (Ender, E9000), and awesome aliens (Grey, Reptoid). If that isn't enough, we've got crossbreeds (Evolved Human, Serpent Noble) and even weirder things (Goliath, Loonar, Rotter)!
  • Eight New Racial Classes for Labyrinth Lord™ and similar old-school roleplaying games, based on most of the races already mentioned.
  • One adorable, but dangerous, bonus monster for Mutant Future™, Labyrinth Lord™ and similar old-school roleplaying games.
But the fact is that there is far more to this approach by the writer, the book dovetails and pulls from the pulptastic tradition of pulp sci fi and horror for inspiration as well as films,video games, and many pop culture references. But does Androids, Aliens, and Aberrations do this well?
I'm happy to report that I think so, in point of fact it does it.
The book in nineteen pages plugs into those roots and brings to the table eleven new races with all of the sci fi pulptastic trimmings. 
And a bonus monster as well for Labyrinth Lord, speaking of which all of the races covered under AA&A also include the Maze's and Mutant's rule conversions for Labyrinth Lord allowing even more madness in the dungeon.
The author even sites all of his source material for the supplement so that you can go pull from the films,stories and television shows that he's drawn from.
Is it worth the price of admission? Yes and its on special from a dollar fifty to ninety eight cents. Grab this one and bring your Mutant Future game even more high weirdness in the name the post apocalyptic wastes. 

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