Sunday, February 15, 2015

Free Classic 1970's Classic Comic Book Story and Old School Sci Fi RPG Commentary - Space 1999 Issue #5 1976's 'Undisturbed'

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Space 1999 Sunday, today we've got a fantastic free comic book resource for you  from the world of Charlton comics! Thanks to the Diversions of the Groovy Kind  blog I've been able to get into one of the more look over Space 1999  resources. The Charlton comics are one of the most overlooked of these. Chartlon was based in Derby Ct and featured some of their top talent.
This issue features a black and white classic called "Undisturbed" by Nick Cuti and Gray Morrow.This story features everything an old school DM would need to turn the adventure right into the perfect 1970's space adventure location based adventure.

Please read the story before proceeding any further
The opening panel features a great groovy moon buggy  vehicle. But it seems oddly familiar!

Oddly enough this "Lunar Crawler" that are the main form of transportation for future moon travelers was actually a homage to the  1964 World's Fair in New York by  General Motors. A fact that I was completely unaware of for years until it was pointed out by Richard Bensam from the Diversion's page. You can find out more right over HERE 

If you want a ton more information about this moon wagon Jay worked up a really nice little profile right over on his blog HERE
This story features everything that a DM could want for an old school spaced based dungeon crawl from the dungeon trek to the super science effects, high tech ruins, ancient humanoid aliens, artifacts of super science, and even ancient astronauts!
But 'Undisturbed' is a perfect retro clone space based dungeon crawl for any number of classic science fiction or retro clone table top rpg systems.

At the end of 'Undisturbed' the two Moon Base Alpha characters are still trapped aboard that ancient alien asteroid ship along with all of those super science artifacts and monsters. Your PC's would be just the folks to rescue  them and collect the treasure and like all loose ends of the show, this story issue will never be resolved.
Which is right where your party of adventurers picks up the trail of that classic 70's and 80's asteroid ship!
This makes this story a perfect mission fit for Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition, Stars Without Number, X-plorers, heck it could even be used with something like Mutant Future with some modification.
For Trey's Strange Stars  this comic is a fantastic intro into the world of space based dungeon crawling. It hits all of the high water marks.
This is one of the reasons why the Space 1999 Charlton comic books are one of the best kept 1970's style space secrets. And one of my favorite unsung rpg resources

Special thanks to the Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog and their invaluable help. And as a special note this post is for educational and entertainment purposes and is not an attempt to violate the trade mark of Space 1999 or any of the rpgs mentioned. This is merely a fan homage to one of the cornerstones of classic 1970's sci fi television and for the fans of classic and neo rpgs. 

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