Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Crypts and Things Remastered Rpg System by Newt Newport Kickstarter For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

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The OSR has been very,very, good to me & one of the games that I haven't gotten to play nearly enough is the Crypts and Things Rpg retroclone system. Crypts and Things is a sword and sorcery retroclone built on the Swords and Wizardry engine. For me its a really important game because what it allows a DM to do is to take the game,grab some players and dive into the deep end of sword and sorcery D&D style play.The first edition was nicely designed,easy to use,concise, and simple enough for beginning players but complex enough to allow DM's to run their own fully fleshed out campaigns. First edition Crypts and Things was solid but in some areas a bit well lacking.  But all of that is about to change. Newt Newport is back with a brand new kickstarter for a remastered and expanded Crypts and Things book.

The Scrolls of Wondrous Revelation

In his words this the old edition is in need of a completely new redesign  and in some respects I can see why :
Crypts and Things (C&T) is a Swords and Sorcery Roleplaying game based upon the Old School Rules of the 70s/80s. It also draws upon the British fantasy games and game-books of that period to bring a distinctly dark and dangerous feel to the game.
It was originally released back in 2012. After three years of being available I'm looking to remake the book and need funds for production costs."  Artwork and production costs are two factors in the process of bringing Crypts and Things Remastered to market. This Kickstarter is going to help move things forward for this sword and sorcery retroclone system. 
With new artwork by David M.Wright
Fighter and Barbarian by David M. Wright
Crypts and Things used the campaign world of Zarth setting which was made to be flexible and  yet open for the DM to customize as they see fit. There was some solid background  and setting material but now we're going to see a whole new level of  campaign magic from D101. The last time we saw the Kickstarter for the first edition, the game satified my needs for a fast,flexible, and concise set of sword & sorcery basic style OD&D emulation rules. The first edition of the game had some great monster sections, a totally different take on magic treasures, and some very nicely thought out resource sections for a DM specializing in just this type of old school campaign. The first was a great game for Con or weekend pick up game, when you want to run a short set of adventures.Given how the mechanics work this retroclone can literally be tailored to how the DM wants to run their own campaigns. Now reading over the Kickstarter and having seen other D101 products over the years, I trust Newt to deliver an expansion of the product that makes even better. Crypts and Things will be taken to another level and into its next incarnation with your help.
My advice is to get in on the action now and I'll be following this kickstarter until its completion. 

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