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Free EC Comics Download 'Lost In Space' From Weird Space Fantasy No. Twenty Eight As Science Fantasy Campaign Fodder For The Warriors of The Red Planet Rpg Retroclone System

Ever since the Warriors of the Red Planet Rpg came out some months ago I was trying to wrack my brain to remember an old classic EC Mars SF story that appeared in Weird Science Fantasy.
Finally tonight I stumbled upon it from the classic issue 28.
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This story had all of the classic Mars elements from Edgar Rice Burroughs but with the serial numbers filed off. This is a classic Colonial Mars story in the vein of Andre Norton and Leigh Brackett. All of the elements from the lost cities, to the trappings of Old Mars, to the pulp era technology, etc. are all there along with the surprise twist of an EC story like punch to the gut. The artwork here is top

Grab It Right Over

You can read a six-page red planet comic titled “Lost in Space” inked by the late Al Williamson and published in Weird Science-Fantasy No. 28 (March/April 1955, EC Comics). 
Now as I said is to pay attention to the science fantasy elements. Given the throat like Martian frog mounts, the ruined cities in back drop and the incredibly gorgeous Martain set pieces and backdrops this is a perfect reference to get your WoRP campaign off the ground,

This is exactly the kind of Mars that Leigh Brackett would have had in mind, a place which has frozen Mars right in its tracks and yet life has continued on around it in a weird and romantic pace. This makes it a perfect add on for WoFRP. Given the EC twist, its going to take PC's by surprise and make them see the universe especially the local star system quite a bit different.
All in all this is a nice twist on the usual tropes of Martian stories.

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