Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Free OSR zine/resource - The Sandbox For Your Old School Fantasy and Sci Fi Campaigns

There's a brand OSR resource on the market and its from the pen of Kevin Crawford of Stars Without Number fame and its free. The magazine is available for free and its got some great material to torment your PC's and support your game campaigns. Its called Sandbox and its free.

Grab It Right
Kevin Crawford has been a very interesting and incredible writer who cranks out a ton of good solid material with a wary eye towards quality & high handed adventure action in a good way. Good examples of this can be seen in his highly successful Stars Without Number OSR sci fi rpg system, Black Streams, Scarlet Heroes, and many more.
Now there's a new zine on the scene called Sandbox, and its damn impressive. Its an OSR resource and  fanzine that reflects the author's gaming ethos in one slim package and its packed with a ton of material that can be used for your games.
Here's what's in Sandbox under the covers: 
Welcome to The Sandbox, a free irregular journal from Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine Publishing. Sine Nomine fans have noticed the regular flow of freebie material I've produced, such as the Mandate Archive series for Stars Without Number, Black Streams for the Red Tide setting, and other free releases for other systems and particulars. The Sandbox is meant to be an umbrella for these free resources, packed with the short articles, quick-roll tables, and GM helps that others have found so useful.
In this thirteen-page issue of The Sandbox, you'll find...
  • The Last Prince, a new class for Scarlet Heroes. The final scion of a doomed people? Use this class to bear the grim scars of your past and avenge the memory of your vanished kind.
  • Kickstarter Production Guidelines, where I lay out the exact production sequence I use for Sine Nomine Kickstarters, providing step-by-step instructions on how to manage the workflow and execution of a successful RPG Kickstarter. Learn how to manage project scope, plan layout, handle art completion with art control sheets, and sidestep Fulfillment Hell with at-cost codes and shipping specifics. Find the gritty details of execution here that are all too often neglected by creators.
  • A Quick Backwater Starport is a one-roll generator for swiftly brewing up a backwater world's main starport. Roll one of each die and find out just what the problems are to be found in this scraggly outpost of starfaring civilization.
  • What's That Abandoned Structure? will help a GM quickly determine the details of an abandoned building. Whether a long-lost relic consumed by an unfriendly wilderness or a gutted husk in a forgotten alien city, this quick-roll table gives the GM the answers they need to provide playable content at the table.
So go ahead and grab this inaugural issue of The Sandbox. Keep an eye peeled for additional issues as the year progresses, each one packed with short material to help other indie publishers, support other Sine Nomine games, or just help you make good sandbox fun for your own favorite system.
Alright let's take it from the top, 'The Last Princess' PC class has a bit of Elric and a lot of the operic heroes of mythology in it. Yes its a great little gem of a class to add to a sword and sorcery campaign and not its not the usual traditional class that you find but its a useful and well done to the usual D&D plethora of OSR material on the market. Not bad so far.
Kickstarter Production guidelines is possibly one of the most telling sign of the times about our niche market of publishing and gaming. There are a lot of Kickstarter projects and products on the market and this is a nice set of guide lines on how to run a successful one. Kevin has done his fair share of them and this little article is everything your going to need to follow in his foot steps. 
A Quick Back Water Starport generator?
Yes please, this is the type of useful little article with a ton of utility in OSR space based games, while made for Stars Without Number this little gem has a ton of uses for a wide variety of sci fi games. Can we say Star Frontiers, Traveler, or any other OSR retroclone sci fi game? 

What's That Abandoned Structure? Your PC's see some ruin on the horizen and they want to explore it? What is it? Where did it come from? While there are ton of generators of this type, this one is free, well done, concise and does its job very well. This generator is worth the price of admission alone and its perfect for use with a wide variety of OSR post apocalyptic or sci fi retroclone systems. Not to mention Stars Without Number or any of the other wonderful retro future or sci fi systems out there.
All in all I really do think that this zine is worth your time and energy out on the market. There is a ton that can be done with what's between the covers here & its damn useful stuff.
Well worth the download. 

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