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1d10 Monsterous Assassins of Lovecraftian Cults Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Often times adventurers will run afoul of the machinations of  Lovecraftian cults, sometimes something or someone special is needed to eliminate threats of exposure or worse to cults in question. Here is a table of cleaners, problem solvers, and monstrous horrors who move silently among us.Always  ready to remove any and all threats to the safety and well being of their insane and horrid masters.
When this random encounter table is used you know that the PC's have pissed off the wrong gods. 

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1d10 Monsterous Assassins of Lovecraftian Cults Random Encounter Table
  1. Doppelganger shape shifter with bio mechanical melee weapons hidden in compartments across its body, it likes to collect the small fingers from victims. Very efficient and methodical killer. 
  2. Killer created from Shaggoth material and the brains of sacrificial victims,able to move as a 'passenger' in the bodies of others as a 'possession' entity. A very humorous and dangerous killer who prefers to rip victims apart in spectacular fashion. Insane and dangerous. 
  3. A fanatical master of disguise whose able to read the mind of his victims and stalk them across space and time. Often summoned from alternative worlds, this killer demands the souls of his victims. 
  4. A patient Lovecraftian gargoyle stalks and hunts his victims, he slices them up in high and hidden places. He demands certain organs as payment. A magician of some repute in its own right, this thing will often use curses to drive his victims insane before murdering them. 
  5. This wizard continues his long life by replacing the worn out parts of himself with his victims, he often is used by cults dedicated to Nyarlathotep and passes himself off as an accountant or lawyer to get close to clients and victims. 
  6. This assassin shape shifts into a ape like forms and slays his victims with razors or bladed weapons but sometimes changes his MO's for claws and sheer brutality. 
  7. A water demon who has possessed the body of its summoning sorceress, this being often drowns or makes victims disappear who poke their noses into various cult's businesses. It specializes in the slow drowning of victims.
  8. Dream wizard whose turned to being a murderous soul stealer who works for various cults as an agent and contract murder. This being stalks and hunts his victims through their dreams only to appear to drive them mad in the waking world as illusions and torment them before the kill. 
  9. This assassin has been caught between worlds and realities by his god and now steals away the lives and possibilities of his victims bit by bit over time until his victims commit suicide as this pyschopath watches. He appears as a blur of realities given humanoid form. Must be summoned from beyond the 'Threshold'. 
  10. This assassin is a collection of the souls of sacrifices given the form of a person of renowned. The assassin works within the underworld tracking and stalking victims only to rend their soul and collect it for itself. All that is left after this process is over is a corpse of sudden death or a heart attack. This monster has an average intelligence that can only be kept at normal levels through murder and magic. The rites of creation of this being are dark and insane things. These beings are the collected malice and mayhem of thousands of years of murder and mayhem. They appear as normal humans though. 

Spicy-Adventure Stories May 1936.jpg

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