Sunday, February 8, 2015

1d10 Random Legendary Post Apocalpytic Wasteland Ruin Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Wasteland Campaign

Out in the wastelands are legendary place out of the mists of time, places of power, mythology,and those places that shape the destinies of peoples and entire nations. Here then are ten legendary places of power and peril to fill out the wastelands of your post apocalyptic campaign with adventure locations that are a real challenge for your party of adventurers and mutants.
These are intended for high level parties and as challenging side quests or mini adventures between missions for your old school post apocalyptic adventures.

1d10 Random Legendary Post Apocalpytic Wasteland Ruin Adventure Location Table
  1. There is a super science temple complex below the sands and soil where is said, the Ancient Ones played as the gods turning men into monsters. The place is seven levels and filled with treasures beyond compare but this place is guarded by gene sliced attack dogs, cyborgs, and fiendish traps but I have heard of ways in. Are you with me? 
  2. An ancient missile launching temple, where the Ancient Ones lived and worked deciding the fate of all. This eight location house of horrors still contains the potent weapons of the destruction of the world. It is guarded by ancient horrors from beyond space and time itself. The missile base is filled ancient technology and guardian death machines as well. There are ways into the place but for that a relic or gold will have to cross my hand. 
  3. An ancient hospital ruin on that hill over there boasts some of the most advanced technology of medicine ever to grace the halls of this place. Once some of the most valuable relics could be found here for the place is protected by winged ghost demons who stalk its hallways and slay anyone they find. 
  4. There is an ancient submersible vessel that lays out in the harbor and there have been strange lights seen playing under the water. There are 1d4 old rumors that others have heard of mid night murders and weird sacrifices to some alien god thing. The vessel is protected by 1d10 guardian spirits of Ted. The A.I. in charge of the hunting of victims through incredibly complex temple complex. 
  5. The ancient and complex bio engineered giant trees are home to  detailed temples to ancient & very dangerous post apocalyptic mutant entities. 
  6. There is rumored to be a cache of ancient relics and technology secreted into a set of ruins owned and controlled by a dangerous cult who has been kidnapping children and the old as sacrifices to ancient god things. The place is guarded by A.I. controlled drone guards. 
  7. Within a man made lake lives an ancient magician and king.The place is under two hundred feet of water and there have been rumors of lake monsters and the like. The place is home to an incredibly complex A.I. but the system but its insane. This location is supposedly guarded by the damn souls of those that served the A.I in life. A very rich source for relics and the like. 
  8. An ancient underground shopping center has become the head quarters of a cult of Cthulhu and rumors have begun to spread of the cult's reaching for other areas to control. The cult has packs of Deep Ones working for them. They control several key high tech weapons systems. 
  9. This former university is the home to several of the most dangerous mutant animals species around but it is the high tech gadget's and weapons systems that attract adventurers to the halls of unspeakable dooms. This place has six levels to it and is very dangerous because of the high technology traps and drone guards. 
  10. This scared grove is home to several mutant species of highly dangerous plants but its the fact that several species of plants are actually very useful for healing extreme amounts of damage. The grove is a sacred place to a cult of Lovecraftian 'Dark Young' and their mother goddess thing. There are several species of bio engineered  mutated monsters who guard the grove and its sacred plants.  They will destroy anyone who crosses into the grove. There are also 1d6 relics buried in the area as well. 

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