Saturday, February 28, 2015

Beta Max Black Hartford Edition Stars Without Number - Mopping Up The Thundarr Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Cross Over Adventure.

You can read about the original Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Thundarr game HERE

After the last cycle of Thundarr inspired Swords and Witchery rpg games with Peter's group, my old Stars Without Number party stayed behind to make sure the last loose ends were wrapped up.The party worked out two weeks ago that group of Brainlashers and rival slavers were at each other's throats was a ploy. The merchant man sleeper ship employed by the slavers didn't seem right. After a rather interesting encounter the slavers it was determined were under the subtle mental domination of some unknown power. 
The Brainlashers had been running a mining operation and supplying a local wizard's city state with nuclear fuel and relic technologies. This caused the players to make a raid on the Lasher's flying saucer and gather clues to what was going on. Last week's game saw the saucer raid and freeing of  Lasher's human slave work force taking up a good solid chunk of the evening. 
Android mini's from this site HERE
This week the PC's found out who was behind the free merchant man ship when they found esper technologies belonging to the Slavers ( a group of rival psionic aquatic sophonts from Trey's Strange Stars universe right over HERE). The psi tech of these alien horrors scared the crap out of my players. Meanwhile the PC's in this week's game ran across another city state of androids ruled by vast god like A.I. intelligences. The party attacked an ATV that was packing some strange tech whose energy cells were giving off powerful energy readings. The ATV was driven by worker Andies who dropped the cargo and ran. Seems as though the androids were clean up crew for battle androids who had gotten the worst of a fight. There were four or five carcasses in the back of the cargo cab that they found. But the weirder part was the mecha parts that they found. These were Dark Invader mecha parts which included heat rays, bio mechanical tendrils, razor cloud casters, and more. The 'Dark Invaders' are from the party's time on an alternative Mars, a post apocalyptic Mars in point of fact. The 'Dark Invaders' are from HG Well's War of The Worlds.

Now the party is taking stock of the three way struggle they find themselves in between forces from across the multiverse that seems to have aligned against them. They're anlaysing the finds that they've made in this week's game as some old friends from out of town namely 'The Dark Invaders' have shown up. 
More coming up next week.

You can find a ton more of Trey's Strange Stars in the resource section right over HERE
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