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Summon Guardian Maidens Of Fate For Your Old School Campaigns

The caster summons a trio of ancient guardian spirits of neutrality which guards dangerous and potentially reality shattering materials. Often these spirits are wily and dangerous antediluvian souls which existed during the last incarnation of reality.

These souls are bound by the lords of neutrality to guard potentially dangerous and often times magical remains of substances or metals with incredible magical potency. After the destruction of Atlantis, Lumeria, and Mu such spirits are often tied to specific locations within the vast seas surrounding the world of  Accursed Atlantis Agents of neutrality often summon these spirits for advice, council, and wisdom as they have vast insight into the properties of  not only their charges but the supernatural and occult natures of many weird as well as alien treasures.

They can be dangerous as their presence attracts the 'Lords of Fate' as well as neutrality from which they derive their very existence. The Lords of Fate often craft their children from the spirits & ghosts of those who have suffered unusual and somewhat tragic deaths in the previous incarnation of the world. The guardian maidens are often given as gifts by the Lords Of Fate to the gods of  Neutrality as part of some ancient and least understood aspect of the unusual relation ship between these two courts of gods and ancient cosmic powers.
Once summoned the caster must be careful not to arouse the suspicions of the spirits who are slightly paranoid about the nature of their treasures. They can curse those who lust after the magical metals and treasures of which they guard.

Summon Guardian Maiden Of Fate
Conjunction, Summoning 
Level : Grey Seven 
Casting Time : 1 Full Round 
Range: Forty Feet 
Save: None 
Duration: one round per level
Targets: Self
The caster prepares a square of neutrality from sacred chalk of ground up bone near a body of water. The caster then places a small offering at its center and lights the four white candles placed at the four directional points of Neutrality on the square. 
The maidens of fate will leave for a time their charge and be summoned to the body of water near the caster. They will appear to be beautiful maidens of incredible beauty and an offering semi precious jewels or a tale of intricate beauty must be offered. A song or poetry may be substituted but it may not be excepted. 
The spirits will speak in high Atlantian, and demand to know why they have been summoned. They will answer any questions within their area of expertise truthfully before magic of the spell draws them back to their charges.  
The guardians of Fate may also be consulted upon matters of grave importance to families,households, royal courts,etc. They are notorious gossips with regards to matters of state and wizardly affairs. They also enjoy interstellar politics but these inquiries will demand gifts of jewelry and small golden trinkets. 
Should any be so stupid as to attack or even insult the Maidens of Fate, they will place a special curse of horror upon the soul of such a fool. Within 1d6 hours the powers of Fate itself will align to kill such a witless being. 
The Maiden are often consulted in matters of a serious occult nature. Because they exist outside of normal space time as we know it. There is very little that can harm these beings. They exist in a special vacuum of neutrality and exist as information brokers  as well as guardians.

Inspired by these characters from opera and mythology HERE 

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