Saturday, February 7, 2015

1d10 Post Apocalpytic Wasteland Ruin Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Wasteland Campaign

Here is a table of high level wasteland ruins to act as a quick set of side adventures in the deep waste lands for your adventurers in your old school post apocalyptic campaigns. These should keep them a bit busy as they gain experience to tackle some of the more dangerous adventures. 

1d10 Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Ruin Adventure Location Table
  1. There are rumor of a dangerous ring of slavers operating deep in the underground parking garage of the local ruins of the once great temple mall complex. Adventurers have gone missing as the wisemen have seen forbidden relics and artifacts in the hands of local mutant tribesmen and bandits. Can you stop them? 
  2. A hidden cache of pre holocaust weapons have been uncovered by certain dangerous adventurers and only your group has one possible key to a local military underground bunker and now 1d6 bandits are after your party to recover it. The bunker is near by and contains at least two powerful relics or this might only be speculation. 
  3. A local man has uncovered an entrance to an underground complex and he demands to see your group for some reason. He's shown a handful of weird minor artifacts and spoken of extensive ruins and of the underworld where strange and forbidden things supposedly dwell. He wants to go back there with your party but why? 
  4. A strange sky beast has been found in the deep desert buried for a thousand years and within the thing's metal skin was found a list in the language of the old ones and your adventurers names are on it. The elders are demanding to see you to help explore the taboo regions of the beast. Dare you refuse to go? 
  5. A strange bunker of some family of Ancients has been uncovered and it is rumored to contain forbidden treasures and the local tribe is recruiting adventurers to enter the structure. There is a 200 gold piece reward for doing so and recovering a minor treasure rumored to be within it. But there are also rumors of undead zombie things within. 
  6. An ancient building has been uncovered by a recent sand storm, and local traders want it explored and mapped for the local historical society. They wish to explore the place because strange lights have been seen in the roof of the place. There have been a few minor relics appearing on the local black market with the seal of the place. 1d20 orcs or other minor humanoid tribes have been seen in the area. 
  7. There are rumors of a recent find of several buried tractor trailers full of ancient relics and now a local warlord has decided to take them, a village is offering a reward for claiming the rich pickings before him. 
  8. An extensive underground shopping temple/mall has been found and there have been a few deaths from robots who guard the place and rumors circle of a cult of serial killer mutants who operate out of this local sacrificing victims to their devil god things. 
  9. A local group of Cthulhu cultists are operating in the ruins of a local state park, they have sacrificed  comfort for power by killing the locals and seizing the former park ranger's home and settlement. The local druids want was best for the property and are hiring adventurers. They are rumored to have some kind of miracle weapon which has the entire party here very unpredictable and dangerous. 
  10. There is a group of 1d20 bandits operating out the former governor's mansion of your state, there are rumors of a vast network of underground tunnels that extend for mines. Recently a servant uncovered a dangerous and valuable artifact which he pawned. The local historical society faction is hiring adventurers to explore those dangerous and forbidden
     tunnels for half of all treasures found and to kill the mutant bandits. 


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