Thursday, February 12, 2015

1d10 Random Payload Table From Lost Ships For Your Old School Space Based And Classic Space Opera rpg Campaigns

So your party of space pirates or adventurers comes across an ancient space shuttle or craft drifting through the lost reaches of space. The craft is shot to hell but the cargo is intact but what is it? We've got just the table below to bedevil and cause a few interesting twists of fate for your PC's.

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1d10 Random Payload Table From Lost Ships
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  1. The bodies of five ancient lich kings from a distant alien star looking for new bases of power. There is a 60% chance of these ancient horrors being wizards and there being 1d6 minor alien relics of varying power. 
  2. A pack of atomic fuel of incredible power there is a 40% chance of a leak or contamination in the compartment. There are several micro meteor hits throughout the cabin or containment area where these were kept. 
  3. A desperate alien merchant in a sleep pod trying to escape the destruction of his planet. There is a 30% chance of his knowing where his old warehouse and station facility had stored his wares. 10% chance this whole thing is a cover story and the bastard is actually an alien assassin of some ancient and forgotten Lovecraftian cult trying escape justice or worse. 
  4. A weird and twisted pillar of alien souls fused together to form a terrible psychic artifact of immense power with 1d10 random psychic powers. The thing will try and take over the mind of anyone it meets. 
  5. A frozen alien family in cryo with a 30% chance of suffering from some ancient and alien plague. These beings will be seemingly grateful but do they have a hidden agenda? 
  6. Ancient mind jewels from lost or ancient world that contain the memories of those long dead. There is a 30% chance of those handling these treasures will experience the life time memories of those stored within it. PC will lose 1d40 hours and might be driven temporarily insane with the alien perceptions and memories. 
  7. A jeweled crown of weird design is actually the mind and soul of a long gone alien god. The thing will be a demonic and desperate monster looking to possess a body of its own. It will have 1d10 random psychic powers and there is an alien demon perusing it for breaking an ancient pact. 
  8. A series of wracks of semi precious alien mineral and gems worth a fortune to the right collector. A gang of bounty hunters has been perusing this load for a long time and the PC's will come face to face with 1d30 of these interstellar bastards.They who will stop at nothing to retrieve these. 
  9. 1d10 stored minds from ancient alien explorers with a high probability of them being lawful and very curious about the adventurers. They may offer a small reward to the PC's for being questioned. There is also a chance that they may have some ancient mission that the adventurers may help them with. 
  10. A Star Spawn of Cthlhu in stasis being shipped back to some ancient alien world. Handle with caution. 

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