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The Rook - Return of an American Legend Video & Upcoming Comic Book Series

Like I said a while back 'The Rook' from Warren publishing was/is a major influence on me growing up. I remember that only certain grocery stores and later comic shops would carry the Warren publishing material.

When it comes to The Rook from Warren Publishing I'm definitely a fan of the old school comics magazine, now apparently this was upcoming series from Dark Horse. Now this isn't at all surprising given that Dark Horse has been reprinting all kinds of Warren Publishing comic book properties. 
Now what is the The Rook - Return of an American Legend going to be about? 

Restin Dane’s kick-ass time machine is the Time Castle, a dark-energy powered vehicle that resembles a large rook chess piece; which is how Restin became known as The Rook. He is no stranger to the space-time continuum either, he descends from a family of scientists whose members include the time traveler in the novel "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.
Time Castle, in the video game universe, is a third person survival shooter through time. One minute you are battling the undead and the next morlocks, dinosaurs and many more hordes of Quarb’s design. Protect the Alamo, defend Earth from an alien invasion or heck take a bazooka back the Jurassic age. Whether fantasy lore, legend or historical, the excitement of it all captivates all who dare to be entertained.
It looks like Steven Grant and Paul Gulacy will be helming this title and I'm familiar with these gentlemen's work over the years. I was able to score some press info from Dark Horse's website -

Time Castle, holder of all worldwide rights to The Rook, is pleased to announce that America's favorite time-traveling adventure hero will make its return to comics this fall through a new publishing agreement with Dark Horse Comics!
Beginning in September 2014, Dark Horse will introduce The Rook adventures starting with Eerie Archives #17. The inaugural issue will feature an original painting by Paul Gulacy, commissioned by Bill DuBay in 1979 to portray the origin stories of THE ROOK- but never published in its entirety.
The Rook’s return to comics is designed to illustrate the adventures of the next episodic television adventure hero. Hit comic book series 2Guns creator Steven Grant is preparing the literary wizardry for the new series. The family has asked the original Rook designer and story teller, Jim Stenstrum to fill the shoes of creative consultant to help massage the new series into a pilot season of The Rook’s Time Castle. Jim’s work in recent years makes him the ideal candidate for this role.
Seeking his roots, a time traveling adventurer stumbles across history’s darkest secret: an immortal genius who has terrorized and shaped human culture since the dawn of man. Though seriously outgunned he begins a lone guerrilla war across time, in pasts unheard of and futures undreamed of, to free humanity from the immortal’s unending grip.
"People talk a lot about series, or TV shows, or movies or concepts that are ahead of their time, but The Rook, ironically, wasn’t ahead of its time. It was ahead of everyone’s time," says Grant. "Bill DuBay’s vision spanned science, mythology, literature and pop culture, uniting them in clever and challenging ways. So trying to match and exceed that vision, to bring the series into today without losing what made it great and return The Rook to the vanguard of science fiction adventure comics, is a thrill and a challenge. The Rook may be still be ahead of everyone’s time, but The Rook’s time is now."
“A brilliantly written time travel trek expands the dreams and imagination of every demographic. The very premise provides a vehicle to explore the viewer’s deepest fantasies of being in a different place and time. The idea of making past wrongs right or tracking down one’s roots are inherently interesting. Taking fantastic voyages into the days of yesterday and tomorrow allows our imaginations to soar. Time Travel is an adventure that can take you anywhere or any-when and The Rook’s adventures in episodic television will allow the viewer to experience the journey” adds Benjamin DuBay

I for one can't wait till this hits the newsstands at the local comic shop. So I'm keeping my eyes pealed. 
I actually have the 
Harris Comics’ The Rook #1 and Rook #2. And it was a very interesting and different take on the classic Rook character from Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame. It was a very different take on the character. 
More info right over HERE
There is a ton more information on this killer time travel hero adventurer right over HERE on the official site. 

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