Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1d10 Random Lost Treasures Of The Fairies Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The madness and dangerous aspects of the Fey are often forgotten by adventurers who encounter these creatures of madness and other worldly horror. We tend to dress them up in bits and pieces of mythology and legend when the truth is far more dangerous. Here then are a list of treasures to bedevil and twist your adventurers into knots of destiny and danger. 
Illustration by Frank Pape from the Diamond Fairy Book 6.jpg
1d10 Random Lost Treasures Of The Fairies Table
  1. A piece of glass from the mirror of a wicked queen. Within it lives the soul of an ancient and dangerous spirit of law. The thing will grant visions and dreams of future events but its powers are wicked as well as dangerous for they are tied to the plane of nightmare. There is always a price to be paid in blood for the services of this spirit. 
  2. A jar of moonlight from the spirit world of the dead. The moonlight reflects the spirit of whomever views it though the cut crystal glass of the jar. The thing will glow and sing spells of ancient and terrible aspect at night. A PC may learn 1d6 spells every new moon from it. 
  3. This strangely wrought fey jewelry belongs to a court of night, those wearing it will dream of ancient and terrible lands now sunk beneath the waves. The item will allow those who own it to plan shift every three weeks but a pack of fey dogs will track the PC's wherever they go and haunt them. The jewels glow with an inner light when these horrors lurk about. 
  4. A dagger belonging to one of the lesser guards of the Fey Queen, it will allow its own to cut the lesser astral cords that bind the soul to the body. The owner can cut demons from the souls of those possessed by such monsters. The dagger can also stab shadows for 1d6 points of damage pinning spirits within bodies. 
  5. A silver and jet crown of thorns made of fey gold that allows one to see eight possible futures. There are packs of lesser fairies after this item for it grants dreams of place in the realm of the fairies. 
  6. This flute is made from the thigh bone of a lesser serpent man and when played calls forth the serpentine fey beings under the Earth. They will be under the control of the owner for 1d4 rounds after which they will seek to murder the owner of this instrument. It also grants the power of speech with birds once per day. 
  7. This crystal of pure night allows its owner to access the dreams of those within a twenty mile radius. The crystal can allow one to pass per night on a two way trip into these dream worlds and back out. 
  8. This wand is made from the arm bone and thorns of some ancient plant, it will allow one to throw a bolt of pure malice for 2d6 points. 
  9. This chest contains one pure soul and will allow its owner to hide their true intent, and to command lesser creatures at least once per day. A troupe of fey knights is seeking this item and will kill anyone who gets in their way. 
  10. This ancient book is written in high Elven and details every aspect the 'special section of lesser works of those  who summon the darkest aspects of the Abyss. It will contain 1d6 spells of foulest and darkest nature. 

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