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1d10 Random Lost Space Stations Adventure Location Table From Lost Ships For Your Old School Space Based And Classic Space Opera rpg Campaigns

There are places lurking on the edge of planets of the damned and lost, places that no man should ever venture on to. These are places of danger and horror at the edge of worlds, space stations of alien and horrible aspect.
These are place just ripe and waiting for adventures to stumble upon them and be swallowed up by time, history, and found out what lurks in the darkness between the stars! 
Do your adventurers dare to set foot upon the 'Lost Space Stations?'


1d10 Random Lost Space Stations Adventure Location Table 

  1. This strange alien station has been abandoned for thousands of years and the place is rife with alien parasites, alien ghosts roaming its halls, and many ancient & sealed cargo containers. What other secrets are hidden in its three levels of danger and depravity? 
  2. This ancient and time haunted ruin of a station still spins in the darkness between the stars. But it is far from abandoned, there are hundreds of crates of air and food. This place is the hidden lair of a dangerous cult of space pirates who worship an especially horrid Great Old One, whose spawn lurks aboard the station. 
  3. This station is actually the hive for a swarm of Mi Go who use the place to haunt the space lanes for experimental victims for their three level lab aboard this station. 
  4. This station is actually a living organ of some ancient and dead god preserved by the deep solar winds. The thing is have for parasites who feed off the energy and bleed off from the thing's flesh. There are organic energy crystals that grow across it's surface and are very valuable to space traders and the like. 
  5. This station is home to five different varieties of space drifter colonies who use this place as a bolt hole against the Imperial Federation. There are hundreds of make shift living quarters attached to different spaces across its surface. A small gravity generator holds the place together and a space based thieves guild makes its home among these folks. 
  6. This station is run by a mad A.I. who uses an arsenal of nuclear missiles to ambush passing ships as it comes to life. The place is haunted by zombie astronauts and ghouls. 
  7. This five level station serves as a launch point for hundreds of droid missiles and the place is controlled by an ancient alien cyborg who is held prisoner by an ancient alien A.I.,it will beg to be killed.There are several ancient treasures aboard.  
  8. This station is home to an alien lich lord who is in charge of a band of 50 pirates of legendary status who still serve their master. Even deal can't stop them from returning beyond the edge of the living. There are several treasures secreted through the four levels. 
  9. This station is actually a holding area for a band of time traveling adventurers and mercs who capture criminals and scoundrels from across time as well as space. There are over two hundred cryo pods here and many relics from across the ages are stored in its four levels.
  10. This station is home to a cult of the Outer Gods who are worshiped with sacrifices of spacers caught by the cult's ships. There are hundred's of years worth of treasure aboard this ancient relic. And now the cult is looking for some poor soul to join the ranks aboard this five level monster of a station.
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  1. Speaking of lost space stations, after your earlier post mentioning Space: 1999, I was reminded to return to my run through of Series 1 using the order suggested by Andrew Kearley & I just got to "Dragon's Domain" ... truly terrifying television.

    (Also, it was your post about the "space spider" that caused me order The Arduin Eternal Bestiary and Treasures Book.)

  2. Thanks for the reminder Rainswept, I love,love, Space 1999 and Dragon's domain is absolutely a favorite of mine. Andrew Kearly's order is the time line I personally use for the show. And you might want to check out today's blog entry where we go through an under appreciated resource for Space 1999 rpging.
    Emperor's Choice are going through a major reorganization right at the moment,I don't have all of the details of this but please be patient for your copy of that classic and wonderful rpg product. That is unless you ordered it from an independent retailer such as Noble Knight or the like. Its one of the crown jewels of my Arduin collection. Which I will soon be returning to over the next day or so with the Dark Corner blog. Cheers my friend thanks for the comment.


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