Thursday, February 12, 2015

1d10 Random Space Capsule Find Table For Your Old School Space Based And Classic Space Opera rpg Campaigns

Your adventurers come across a space capsule of ancient and hoary aspect from the mists of time from some weird and strange alternative Earth. They pop the seals and find inside something mysterious. What weird or horrifying is found within.
Here's another table of terrible space finds to throw your PC's into the deep end of the hazards of space salvage business. 

Apollo CSM lunar orbit.jpg
1d10 Random Space Capsule Find Table 

  1. The entire three man crew are now bonded together as a massive alien flesh shaggoth entity of incredibly dangerous aspect. The thing is hungry and reacts very quickly. 
  2. Thousands of semi precious stones in the shapes of the crew worth a small fortune in collector value alone. 
  3. The demon possessed undead corpse of the pilot. There are  two neat piles of  ash like powder next to the thing sitting on top of the crew's space suits. 
  4. The mummified corpse of an alien thing wearing the space crew's astronaut suit. There are several strange alien tools around its neck or what passes for one. 
  5. One six foot tall pile of metal paper like material with thousands of alien ruins covering it. The materials are arranged in the shape of a man. 
  6. A semi frozen block of liquid gas that will burn the hands of anyone touching it. The stuff is actually a benevolent alien life force looking for a way back home. 
  7. A pile of slightly radioactive jewelry sitting on the pilot's chair, they glow with slightly sinister alien energy. They seem to almost call to you. 
  8. An ancient looking ventriloquist's life sized dummy that seems to smile almost too life like and evilly. The thing radiates a strange alien life force. There is a 40% chance that the thing will resemble one of the PC's. 
  9. A frozen pile of eggs belonging to a pod of colours out of space. They will burst forth if disturbed in anyway. Very dangerous and provocative monster. 
  10. A giant glowing diamond crystal like structure about the size of a man with dozens of facets cut into it. Each reflects a strange face of some alien creature in it. There are dozens of faces and all look panicked and desperate. 

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