Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pilfering & Pillaging Armchair Planet's Strange Stars Game Setting Book For Neiferious Rpg Campaign Purposes

Pilfering & Pillaging The 

I'm on G+ and for the past couple of weeks, I've been reading about various campaign happenings  and what have you going on but secretly I've been yearning to work on my own little twisted world which I've quietly hatched the other day right over HERE
But I'm going to need some alien races and right quick but not simply run of the mill background folks. No I'm going to need a seedy low down bunch of thieves,bandits, slavers, grifters, and some really nasty pieces of work. 

Fortunately I know just the place to get some! Armchair Planet's Strange Stars has just the folks for some nasty business already.
For the past two weeks I've been watching review and activity on the Strange Stars setting. There's been some very interesting opinions. Courtney Campell's review really got the gears turning in my head. Right over HERE
Factions, monsters, races, NPC's and the rest are all perfectly laid out for some prime deviltry of interstellar proportions.
Most of the hard work of going over the awesome material of the From The Sorcerer's Skull blog would take quite awhile to sift through. Well all of the hard work has been already done for me with this handy dandy index. HERE

If you haven't grab this pdf? Go right over
There is a ton of material in this thirty page little setting that is far too useful to let go waste. There are ton of neat ideas lurking in the pages of Strange Stars. Some of the more useful bits include the Space Haulers, the Orichalcosans Skins of gold and avarice to match.,Zao Space pirates, and many more. But which ones will be making an appearance? 

Now which bits of awesomeness are  going to be making a guest appearances in the next couple of weeks in Atlantandria Port City Of Accursed Atlantis? Only time will tell because I've got players who read this blog from time to time.
So I'm keeping my cards close to my chest for now. 

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