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Free Old School Pulp Download Under the Sand-Seas January 1941 issue of Super Science Stories For Your Old School Martian Campaign

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This novelette  first appeared  in the January 1941 issue of Super Science Stories magazine.The story would also make an excellent mid level adventure for a party on Mars. Its a story of survival on a section of Mars that is very unforgiving to a party of
Under The Sand Seas was Oliver E.Saari's creation and a pretty damn quick yarn and a good one at that. 
Blurb: "Six hundred miles of devouring red desert lay between them and the nearest city -- and the bust of a long-dead Martian smiled with the knowledge that could get them there!"

There's some great little hidden pieces in the background of the story which can be used as the basis for further adventures in the  Sand Seas territories. 

I love that the Sand Seas is a nice little wasteland with hints of deep and nasty mysteries lurking under its pulp sand.

Who was Oliver E. Saari? 
Oliver E. (Ollie) Saari was a fan and SF writer of the 1930s-1940s. He published in most of the early prozines, including Astounding.
He was one of the founders (and first Director) of the Minneapolis SFL in 1936 and was later one of the leaders of the Minneapolis Fantasy Society. He attended several SF conventions in the 1940s-1950s (including the 1943 Michiconference and Centracon and at least one Worldcon). His auto was named the Sfnash and he was a member FAPA and of the would-be shadowy Order of Dagon.
He was awarded the First Fandom Hall of Fame (Posthumous) Award in 2011.
There is a lot more going on here in this story then simply meets the eye, everything from an ancient Martian scientist's treasure, to details on one of the most inhospitable realms on Mars.
Then there is the pulp adventuring party from the crash, everything in this story smells of the beginning of an adventure campaign.
This story has a bit to offer for an old school Martian campaign.
This story could easily take place during the post colonial Martian period of an Edgar Rice Burroughs style adventure.  

1d10 Random Encounters Table
 From the Sand Seas 

  1. Martian Dune Stalker looking for prey, a vile and very dangerous predator on the hunt for prey. An ancient hunting creature of one of the long extinct Martian races. 
  2. A pack of 1d10 Fire Newt warriors on giant strider mounts have been drawn to the soaring temperatures of the place. On the hunt for slaves and prey. 
  3. A nest of fire snakes just hatching from the noon sun, very hungry and looking for prey, there is a family of salamanders nearby gating in to check on the progress of their young. 
  4. The ground erupts in an explosion of fire toads that have hatched under the red sands. There is a 20% chance that they will attack if they feel threatened. 
  5. Fire mephit swarm out gated in by ancient Martian portal super science technology. Very dangerous and aggressive. 
  6. Sand man mercenary on a mission from a scientist looking for a party of prospectors and explorers from Earth, who have stolen an artifact from its master. 
  7. Martian land shark cruising under the sands for prey. This bulette is part of a school of these creatures and looking for prey. 
  8. Sand vortex elemental summoned by an ancient artifact and now very angry about not being able to return home. 
  9. Thoquqqua driven up from the volcanic mantle of the planet, driven up from the depths by the vibrations of some uncovered super science device. The creature is slightly unbalanced and enraged from the disturbance! 
  10. A  party of green Martian warriors on war throats on their way to a deep desert raid against their tribal rivals. There are 1d10 warriors just spoiling for a fight!

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