Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1d10 Random Weird Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

You never know who or what your party might run into along the paths of adventure. Here is a list of quick encounters to bring home the weird and deadly along the path to your adventurers and old school heroes.
Some of these encounters may be fragments from the Dreamlands that drip down the paths of reality into your campaign worlds.
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1d10 Random Weird Encounters Table 

  1. A pack of rabid demon hybrid beings looking to incorporate a new pack member and your adventurer looks like a prime target. Very dangerous and they are only harmed by magical weaponry. 
  2. A ghostly princess from another reality who has been separated from her soul and body. She seeks adventurers to free her lands from a most vile villain, herself. She does not remember the powerful magic she has employed to summon her own soul to turn herself into a demi god like figure of power and magic. 
  3. A weird figure in an archaic rain coat with a ball of light for a head. This being is an echo and fragment of some lost or forgotten god on a mission. He does not remember what it is but seeks out the PC's for a world shattering mission. 
  4. Twenty three identical mini copies of your PC's armed with magical weapons seek to kill your character. They are dangerous and foul little goblin like demonic beings. 
  5. An elemental vortex of sand,glass, and debris form itself into perfect copies of anyone it sees, the thing will attack anyone beautiful or attractive.But it has no idea why but it seeks a powerful wizard. 
  6. A minor god of time seeks out a murderer with an enchanted stop watch, it sees your PC's shakes his head and  few seconds later disappears only to reappear muttering, 'Not again'. 
  7. A flock of birds made of diamonds and rubies flies over head crying out the PC's names. And they suddenly attack the party. Once slain they reveal a set of spells and wards with the PC's name's inscribed upon them. 
  8. The PC's encounter a minor prince of Dream and Nightmare who needs their help on a mission of great importance. His own dream fragment is trying to kill him and the PC's must enter his own mind to defeat this menace. 
  9. An ancient piece of a magic spell that one of the PC's will cast in the future has taken on the form of an assassin and is now stalking the party to kill them all off so that its tortured existence will never take place. 
  10. The PC's encounter a undead prince who seeks one of the PC's for a mission into the realms of the dead claiming that the PC owes him from a previous life.

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