Monday, February 23, 2015

1d10 Twisted Random Encounters Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Here are some encounters that really bring home the high weirdness factor within a dungeon or wilderness setting with your adventurers really on the receiving end of the unexpected. Some of these have a very decidedly unexpected factor to them.
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1d10 Twisted Random  Encounters Table
 For Your Old School Campaigns 
  1. A stranger shrouded in weird yellow robes, this is actually a ghoul priest in the robes of his undead cult order. All of the powers of a cleric of 3rd level as well as the usual powers of a ghoul he's got a spell ready to go. He wares  a minor ring of protection. 
  2. A pack of rabid giant vampire bats looking to drain dry some poor fool! They want the blood of the living. 
  3. This alien bounty hunter is after his prey and your in his way. He will try anything to bush whack anyone who gets in his way.  A very dangerous &  angry foe armed with the latest high tech weaponry. 
  4. A strange floating cloud monster from the Elemental plane of Air, that will try to kill and incorporate anyone whom it hunts. 
  5. A Lovecraftian cult with very dangerous members. These strange and twisted fighters want to test their metal against the PC and anything else they come across. 
  6. A sentient magic item with  strange aura which dances and floats, it especially likes to deal with others of  its kind to drain dry of magic. The thing is +1 sword called mire and it loathes humans. 
  7. A gang of undead and their lich master hunting for experimental fodder for the lab, these folks hate all people
  8. A mutant fortune teller and her murderous side kick named Edgar, these two prey on the vulnerable and down trodden. 
  9. A shape shifting proto plasm that takes on the form of its enemies and likes to eat human beings whole. 
  10. 1d6 Deep One Hybrids who are on the look out for sacrifices to their dark lord and master. 

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